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An Odd Coincidence

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Don't you guys find it an odd coincidence that, both Molly and Kenny are never seen dead? In fact with Molly no matter what, she seems to escape.

With Kenny, he's either engulfed in darkness or zombies, you never actually hear him scream or see him die. Also note the fact, that Lee was in a similar situation as Kenny in Episode 4 (In the alleyway, where MOLLY gave him Hilda so he escaped in the sewer)

But if Kenny isn't in the alleyway and in the darkness, you can hear him shout 'Get off of me!' normally people would indicate this means he's talking about the zombies possibly going on top of him but it could be that Molly grabbed him and ran off.

While there is the possibility that when you hear the two shots that Kenny killing Ben and killing himself. But that makes no sense. Earlier in the episode he CLEARLY says 'You don't give it up cus it's hard, you fight until the end'. He could have shot a walker (which we didn't see since the other walkers were covering it) and then Molly somehow got Kenny 'Hilda' and he managed to crawl in the sewers.

I'm saying this because this is all a really odd coincidence and one final thing.
Gavin Hammon (the voice actor of Kenny) said that TellTale told him to re-record his lines when he's saving either Christa/Ben and told him not to scream. Seems a bit suspicous but I think the two figures at the end are Kenny and Molly (could possibly be Christa and Omid depending on the people Lee said wanted to have Clementine)

Also that concept of the Lee choosing the new parents/guardiands of Clem would make sense.

Omid/Kenny = Male
Molly/Christa = Female

Maybe this could even implement a character-switching mechanic and depending on who the parents are depends on the story.

Molly/Kenny is much better at action than being caring.
Christa/Omid is much better at caring than at action.

Tell me what you think?
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  • Personally, I don't think the two out in the distance are anyone we know. Or, well, at least not Omid and Christa.
    I'm almost certain Molly will make her way back into Season Two, because I bet you money she didn't die.
    Kenny? Well, I honestly think that Telltale will base it off whether more people are upset about his death, or aren't. Because they could play the card of: "They didn't see him die, so he didn't die." If we want him back, if everyone's like FUCK KENNY, then they could be like: "No one could survive that. He's dead."

    It just really depends.
    I hope he comes back, or at least didn't die.
    Same for Molly.
  • I highly doubt Molly died, since there's a scenario where she is in absolutely zero danger and leaves peacefully of her own accord. Perhaps she dies off-screen in that case, but she's survived 3 and a half months thus far, so i don't think that's the case.

    If Kenny survived, i doubt he'd be walking with someone in the countryside. Outside the mansion in episode 5 he expresses concern about going into the countryside at all("I don't want to go back out there again."), and seems like he'll search for another boat before going that route.

    It could potentially be Molly. I think the only reason she stayed in Savannah was because she wanted that picture of her sister, but it was too dangerous to get it alone. Now that she has it and knows that Crawford has fallen, there's not much reason for her to stay in Savannah, especially since she knows there are no supplies left in the city.

    However, i can't explain who the other person would be, since Molly says she performs better solo rather than with a group. She's already shown a willingness to abandon people, and without Clementine to keep her there i think it's likely she would abandon Kenny to parkour her way to safety(if they met).

    In conclusion:
    Omid & Christa - Very Likely
    Molly - Likely
    Kenny - Unlikely
    Unknown survivors- Very Likely

    In my opinion, of course.
  • I say Molly almost certainly got away though she does leave her weapon behind you see it on the floor as she runs off
  • Although I think Molly will be alive and well and I would like to see her in season 2, I highly doubt she would be one of the figures in the distant and I highly doubt Kenny would be with her/one of the figures either.

    I think it's most likely Crista and Omid or unknown survivors. I also hope that IF Kenny is alive, telltale have a VERY good explanation for how he escaped as there seemed to be no way out and we heard two gun shots..
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