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view inversion

posted by summmbooodeee on - last edited - Viewed by 411 users
i got this game and for the life of me cant figure out how to invert the view . I cant play the way it setup and no where is there a way to change it... is this the first game ever that you cannot invert the view?? its basically worthless to me if i cant invert the view. stupiiidddddddd.
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  • There is no option to invert the view, I can't see that it is needed for a game where you control a cross-hair and a person walking.

    Then again, outside of flight games I never use the inverted option.
  • well just try playing a game the way you normally play then switch the view and try playing and you will realize why its unbelievably stupid that it is not an option. ever since i started playing games of any kind whenever i pushed down i would look up , after awhile its burnt in your brain and pretty hard to play otherwise.
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