Girl Stinky confuses me. (spoilers)

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In the last episode of Season 2, Sam and Max watched Girl Stinky turn into a cake. They had to get a rib from the monster to turn her back into a person. Well then in the last episode of season 3, it is revealed that Girl Stinky wasn't really a cake. It was all a way to trick Grandpa Stinky into giving her the diner in his will. This is my question. If the cake story was just a trick, how was Sam and Max able to turn the goldfish into a cake and trick the Soda Poppers?


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    I don't think it's *meant* to make total sense. Anyway, why doesn't Sam recognise Buster Blaster if he built him? What is this, a "Star Wars" prequel?!
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    The whole Girl Stinky story is explained in depth here.
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    Mermaids can turn into pastries at will, everybody knows that.

    Of course, a cake technically isn't a pastry, but Telltale has publicly apologized for that gaping plot-hole enough as it is.

    Bringing it up again is just rubbing salt in the wound, man.
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    Well she knew about the recipe which is real but just wasn't actually the cake
    It was just that the recipe actually creates a cake just not Stinky
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    Because the cake recipe was real and actually makes a cake. Hence why what Sam & Max made was a cake and not a person. Girl Stinky was just conning Stinky into thinking his cake had turned into a person.
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    I actually enjoyed that surprising plot twist, because it suits to the nature of Girl Stinky character. Most of season 2 and 3 you'll never know exactly what's the truth and what's she up to.
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