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What would be your opinion if katjaa made it to the end of season 1?

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What would be your opinion if katjaa made it to the end of season 1? she would be with clem at the countryside katjaa is still like herself in episode 3 we dont know anything about her still. Would you like that if she made it to season 2?
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  • If she lived she would haved watched Clem and foumd out who the stranger was. Lee wouldnt be dead
  • Shrewsbury Survivor;772478 said:
    If she lived she would haved watched Clem and foumd out who the stranger was. Lee wouldnt be dead
    lets say lee got bitten protecting clem... and katjaa shot the stranger.
  • aaron1290;772481 said:
    lets say lee got bitten protecting clem... and katjaa shot the stranger.
    Damn, that sounds more badass than if Clem did it. Especially if Kat had a one liner picked out for after he shot the stranger.


    "Okay, NOW we've killed your entire family."

    Seriously, I really liked Katjaa. Assuming she survived and losing Duck didn't turn her into kind of an asshole like her husband, I'd feel a lot better if she was there with Clem. She was a loving mother and she really cared about Clementine. In Macon if you mention Clem's parent being dead she talks about how worried she is about emotional damage Clementine might suffer from being separated from her parents.

    I always felt better when Katjaa and Duck were around, made me feel like things were normal when they clearly weren't.
  • ^I agree to that Jared. Katjaa was a cool character, caring and to me at least, not judgmental. I wasn't particularly appalled by her sudden death, but I was sad just because she was just so nice and friendly. She may not have been exactly useful, but she had her moments and made the game feel more hopeful. If she had lived I still would probably still let Christa and Omid take Clem, just because I know they can handle themselves on their own, and that they'd take good care of Clementine. So... Katjaa dying or not doesn't seem to big a deal besides the fact she is a vet/medical experience. Probably would have saved Lee's life if she had been there, but hey, I don't wanna think that :/
  • Mark$man;772528 said:
    ^I agree to that Jared.
    It's Jaded. :confused:

    And don't ride off Katjaa so quick. Some of the dialogue in episode five makes it clear she was basically Kenny's moral compass. If she hadn't killed herself she'd probably have helped curtail Kenny's more assholish behavior in the later episodes. Maintaining at least some humanity seems important or everyone ends up just turning on each other, like the people of Crawford probably did.

    Her basic medical knowledge probably would have been useful for when Omid busted his leg and when Lee had to chop his arm off. In the long term she might be have been helpful for Christa's baby as well. She probably wouldn't have been too wild about Clem learning how to shoot, but she wasn't oblivious to how bad things were getting.
  • Sorry... lol didn't see the d. And yeah I know she was, I heard scene of Kenny telling that, although I never let Ben die in the tower. And I never rode Katjaa off, I'm just saying, if she just survived to the next season, and nothing else changed, then I probably wouldn't mind either way. Now as for how the first season 1 would have played out, if it could have been altered, would have been altered.

    And yeah she wasn't oblivious, that why she killed herself lol. I think kenny's attitude by end of ep 3 was because of what he lost, and all that he went through. I think he knew he could be an asshole at times, and he ultimately realized it when Ben snaps at him, which makes it awesome to let Ben live. He talked of how he could have been a better person, especially better friend. So yeah, i never had a prob with Katjaa. She just wasn't an important character, and I honestly knew she'd die since ep 1, and I expected her to die in the woods, sadly. I was screaming "NOOOOO, don't give her the gun! You don't give distressed people weapons!" lol
  • Katjaa is still in a bit of shock after duck died and so she acted like larry for half of episode 4 but she changed after lee consoled her. Kenny also dies at episode 5 making her a wreck going into season 2.
  • I think a lot of things could change if she survived to ep 5, one of the more prominent of course being Kenny.

    For one, i doubt he would have changed to being more selfless if Katjaa were still there, but you never know. Personally i think he still would have held onto that "my family comes before anything and anyone else" mentality all the way to the end, and this would possibly cause him to refuse to join Lee in the search of Clementine. Then again maybe Katjaa would convince him to go, but i don't know.

    Maybe Kenny would refuse to jump in the hole to save Christa(since he still has family to protect) and she would die there. The same goes for Ben, though honestly....i think it would be Katjaa who fell and was impaled instead of Ben in that scenario. Not because of her weight, but because all it took was one more person. If she went before Ben, she might have fallen and Ben would be unable to jump across. Then Kenny dies trying to save Katjaa, and Ben is on his own.

    Overall I'd be glad if she survived.

    Heh, can you imagine if Lee went through the walker herd with Ben? The poor kid would probably die immediately.
  • Jaded X Gamer;772515 said:

    wow... badass katjaa
  • I don't see how Kat could survive.

    You could already see the signs she was beginning to give up in Episode 1.... and it was fairly loud and clear in Episode 2.

    If Kat did survive, till the end, for story reasons - she'd be the worst kind of liability... the kind that could "opt out" at any time.
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