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KQ7's art direction....

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Many people I've seen dislike KQ7 because of it's tone, or because of the plot, or Rosella's characterization or the animation quality...But what about the art direction?

How do you guys feel about the basic idea of a Disney-Don Bluth inspired KQ game, simply aesthetically? The basic idea (IE 2D Animation film styling) was done in SQ6, Torin's Passage, and in LSL 7 to (IMO) great effect.

Do you think, had the technology been more refined, that sort of Disney-esque art direction could've suited a KQ game?

I kind of look at that sort of art direction as the logical next step for KQ, and it's fitting. KQ is family friendly, fairy tale stuff, much the same as Disney in that regard. Both utilize a bunch of slapped together, 'dumbed down' versions of Grimm's Fairy Tales and other tales and myths.

And if you look at a lot of non-Sierra Adventure Games of the mid '90s, tons of companies were going with that sort of art style (for example, the early Broken Sword Games, The Curse of Monkey Island; Even the aborted Warcraft Adventures game was to be in a 2D cartoon style).
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  • I don't like it. Done well or not. I never liked the idea to begin with.
  • I just feel it's, artistically speaking, the logical next step from VGA, and it can be very beautiful and well done (consider The Whispered World)...It's cool to be able to basically play an animated film version of your favorite games.

    It doesn't mean that you have to have a whimsical tone to go along with the art style. I'd love to see a really dark, 2D Animated Adventure game done in this style. A Dark Fantasy sort of game in this style.

    I think SQ6's art direction is among the best in the entire series, and Torin's Passage was basically what that sort of art style could do, if brought to it's full potential. So, it does work when you retain other adventure elements like the Icon interface and narrator.

    I'd love to see a hybrid classical RPG and Adventure Game done in this style, based on the Gotrek & Felix series of novels. It'd be like the show Gargoyles.
  • I dislike SQ6's style too. :) I'm all for HD 2D graphics in a semi-cartoon style, but not Disney-style. Not straight cel-shading.
  • "I just feel it's, artistically speaking, the logical next step from VGA,"

    SVGA is the logical next step from VGA. However, I'd rather play something in the art style of KQ5 and KQ6 in SVGA than the art style they chose with KQ7.

    Seriously, the original KQ5 paintings are glorious... Seeing those in HiRes playable game would have rocked.

  • Also it depends on what "disney/don bluth" art style KQ was going for...

    KQ5 and KQ6 are closer to Black Cauldron or Secret of Nimh, than say Alice in Wonderland or Fieval Goes West...
  • Fuck yeah, Baggins. Wow. I've seriously never agreed with you more than in this moment, with that post. Look at that beautiful motherfucker.

    The only Sierra series that the cartoon style worked well with was LSL, in my opinion. And you know why? Because LSL was ALREADY FUCKING CARTOONISH.

    It was a terrible idea for King's Quest, and even worse for Space Quest. Space Quest would have been amazing following the cheesy comic book style of SQ5, but in high resolution, and as Baggins aptly pointed out a high res KQ5-style game would have made my pants overflow with semen.
  • Wishes a fan had a copy of these, and would be willing do up some scans;



    For good measure here is a hires picture of Beetrice concept art;
  • I would KILL for a high res remake of KQ5 using all the original paintings. That's right. Literally. I would kill someone to play that.
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    Eriq Chang recently acquired one of the Lord of the Dead lithographs, I believe. He is one of the guys that is working on the long delayed Art of Sierra book. Presumably, if any of this art is out there, it will be in that book. Feel free to join me in harassing him on facebook for updates on the project.
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