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I hope the Playable Character for Season 2 is...

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Kenny. No question about it. Here's why.

I have to believe there's a reason we never actually see him die. Standard fiction trope-reading suggests he'll be back and I really think this would be the best possible option for season 2.

At the beginning of season 1, Lee is on his way to jail. His life is ostensibly over. Kenny, similarly, has lost everything: his wife, his son and then the only companions he had left (whether he got on with them or not). He's in a fantastic position to find a new motivation. I personally believe it should be the same motivation as Lee: Clementine.

Lets say that was Omid and Christa on the hill and Clementine met up with them, a reunion with Kenny would be ripe for drama with differences arising from whether Lee said Omid and Christa should look after Clem or Kenny should.

More potential drama: If Lee killed Duck for Kenny, then later the boy in the attic, then Clementine killed Lee... how the hell does Kenny feel about that?! The little girl in his care nutted up and did what he couldn't, killed a loved one when all hope was lost.

I think it's a win for all players too. We all have some kind of emotional attachment to Kenny: If you liked Kenny you're playing as a character you like, if you didn't like him, you play in a way that turns him into someone worthy of your approval and of Lee's (hopefully) high standard of parenting.


Please, I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts on this.
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  • Anyone who thinks I'm incredibly awesome is okay in my book.
  • Anyone who thinks I'm incredibly awesome is okay in my book.


    That whole "plot point" dialed Duck's awesomeness to 11.
  • Meh, his "with me or against me" attitude was a personality flaw that just made him more human, IMO. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone, and all that. I only really fault the game for not giving us a dialogue option to call Kenny out on it.

    KENNY: You didn't have my back when I needed you, Lee!

    LEE: So I guess not helping you kill an old guy disqualifies saving your kid's life twice in a row?

    KENNY: I...(frustrated pause, then with a grumble) Fuck you.

    Seriously, one moment like that would have made all the difference.

    Depending on what dialogue you pick at the end of episode two you can get Lee to point out that he just saved Kat and Duck and Kenny comes back with something like.

    "No, I saved everyone by stopping Larry from turning in the meat locker."

    He just really didn't want to let that go, but to be fair, I think being the main character does kind of cause us to ignore our own safety since we know Lee has some degree of plot armor (up until the last episode that is). I know when I made that choice I figured either way I wasn't about to get Lee, Lilly, Clem and Kenny killed. Or if I did I could just reload. :p

    I might have thought differently under different circumstances. In Kenny's case he obviously was thinking back to how Kat was nearly eaten earlier today under less desperate circumstances and was afraid it was about to happen again. He does take it way too personally though. With crazy shit going on all the time it seems incredibly pissy to be holding grudges that. Christa and Omid can't be gotten rid of if you show them the bite, even if you went out of your way to be an asshole to them.
    DreadMagus wrote: »
    I agree, it would have changed things completely, but they didn't make one.

    The "Go fuck yourself" response actually does have shades of this. With Lee going on to point out how ridiculously petty it is for Kenny to being holding grudges over every little thing while Clementine is in danger. I think Lee even says something like "Grow up!"

    Personally, I wanted to tell him that me trying to help people other than Kenny isn't the same as "only looking out for myself". I look out for everyone I can, and Kenny's the one who's only been out for himself lately. Seems like if you wanted to hurt him, bringing up all the people he wasn't there for would be effective, especially if you threw the Shawn thing back in his face.

    Actually, bringing up Shawn should have been an option on its own. He talks to you about it in Macon and no matter what you choose he says something about him letting Shawn die. You should been able to ask him if he really was willing to let another person's child die because he didn't have the nerve to do anything, or repeat whatever you said to him in Macon.

    Lee: Back in Macon I agreed with you when you said we killed Shawn. I thought you were telling me you didn't want to let that happen again. Now you're standing here telling me you won't lift a finger to help Clementine because of something I did to you? Did you really think we killed Shawn? Because if you did, then this is as good as killing Clementine too.

    Again, this is why I always save Ben, it's worth it to see him mentally bitch slap Kenny for being such a selfish ass for so much of the game.
    Mornai wrote: »

    It's not a common sight when someone admits that not only did they like Duck, but they liked him a lot!

    Hey, I liked Duck a lot before episode three. And I like Ben. I guess I have a weakness for dumb kids. :p
  • I think it would be cool playing as Kenny but a lot of people don't like Kenny and so the WD sales might go down. That being said I could totally see a heavy rain approach to this game :) but people may not like that either so we would be stuck on both these heavily discussed topics. Now his is where Clementine for the season 2 protagonist would be cool and she is liked by practically every player, not everyone does but more so than Kenny I would say... But for me, she is too young and I would think that it would weird to see everything from the perspective of a young girl, new to this strange, twisted world.... It's not that I would like to see it, but for me the role should be adult, feel free to disagree this is just my honest opinion :)
  • It would have to be a new PC. For Kenny he is a very defined character. You know, a family man who can hold a serious grudge. It would be stupid if we could just make him hate kids or something. It MIGHT work with Omid and Christa but then again if we were to play with Christa there's that whole defined bitchy pregnant persona. I think if they were to take someone in Season 1 and make them the PC in Season 2 it would be Molly. She has the least defined out of all. The only thing you know about her is that she has a sister and lived in crawford.
  • I think Omid and Christa added to the story was horrible on the writers part. I played this game over again, and still. They do not fit into the story well, and their chrachters are just annoying and personally I like to just shoot them.

    Finally someone who thinks omid and chirsta are horrible characters.Tried my best to loose them from the time i met them.Hoped for there deaths way before kenny and even ben.
  • Kenny shouldnt be lead.Clem and Kenny never interacted or rarely even spoke to one another.Good np - BAD pc
  • Here's something all the Kenny-haters out there should consider: If Kenny's the PC in season 2, you'll get to see over a hundred different ways for him to die horribly. ;)
  • Here's something all the Kenny-haters out there should consider: If Kenny's the PC in season 2, you'll get to see over a hundred different ways for him to die horribly. ;)

    I don't wanna see that though :/ even if non-canon
  • Mark$man wrote: »
    I don't wanna see that though :/ even if non-canon


    You just can't please everybody.
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