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Manhunt series

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Surely someone on here has played either Manhunt 1 or 2 from Rockstar games. Following pursuit like GTA, Manhunt(and its sequel) got into some heated controversy due to the fact that your playing as a killer. Aside from not seeing a third title happen(since in 2010 Take two axed the idea of it) there are people who like this game series. I happen to be a fan of the series myself.

Aside from finding the censorship on the Nintendo Wii for the sequel to be completely dull and uncalled for(since there are bloody games for the Wii such as Madworld and No More Heroes). I dont see how they could have allowed the game to be completely uncensored for the Xbox 360.

Whats your take on the Manhunt series? It doesn't seem to have as much like as the GTA series.
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  • I love psychological horror games. My nephew walked in on me playing it and saw Pigsy and it gave him nightmares.
  • There's something I haven't heard about in a long time. I was active during the thick of the controversy surrounding Manhunt 2, and there was a conspiracy theory that Rockstar intentionally made the game over the top violent. That way, when the ESRB forced them to tone the game down, they had an out when the game turned out to be trash.
  • I was hoping you mistyped "Manhunter" as in Manhunter: New York and Manhunter 2: San Francisco by Sierra.
  • I REALLY enjoyed the first one, not sure if it has aged well...the second one just didn't seem to have gameplay that was as good, or the gameplay in the 4 year span between when the first one came out and the second came out had, well, aged.
  • I played the first one up until it turned into a (bad) shooter and I couldn't get past this one gunfight no matter how many times I tried. I was going to try starting it again when I got the PC version in a Rockstar pack on Steam, but I couldn't get it running on my machine without downloading a modified .exe, and even then it kept crashing. It's too bad, I loved the stealth killing parts.
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