Things you want to do in Season 2



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    My favorite non-canon death from 400 Days is when you decline Nate's offer of a ride and then don't get in the truck in time when the zombies approach. Nate just sees you get grabbed by a walker and immediately drives off without a word.

    Also, I'd like to have outcomes of decisions be based on WHEN you make a decision as well as what decision you make. I think something like this might have been in play in Shel's story but I'm not sure. I remember the dialogue being different if you say to kill the intruder right away compared to if you wait until the last second. Anyway, more of that would be nice.
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    On a supply run to a supply ridden area, if you choose the gun, later you can save your friend but will draw walkers that kill your other friend. If you choose the Bowie knife you can save both of your freinds. Or if you choose nothing than they both die while yo escaoe
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    If there is a point where you get to raid something, I'd like to choose which group members to take with me. Maybe there will be points where you get attacked and depending on the person you chose they will leave you or help you
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    So, out of everything we've seen so far, is there anything you'd like to be able to do as Clementine?

    For me, I'd really like to see some new survivor come around and do this Alt text

  • With the father/daughter duo (Carlos and Sarah) mirroring Lee and Clem's relationship (to a point); there is something I really want to see come out of this. I want a conversation with Carlos and Clem where Carlos bashes Lee for not doing his job as guardian as well as he himself is doing with his daughter. The reactions from Clem could be as far ranging as tears or an angry scowl, to an all out attack on Carlos's face. Oddly specific I know, but one can hope right? :) S2 Hopes.

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