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Things you want to do in Season 2

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What are the things that you are wanting to be able to do in Season 2?

For me, I'm hoping that we get to use Michonne's strategy where you get to bring a walker with you after taking it's arms and jaw to get to a destination through a path filled with walkers and kill any that gets too close.
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  • anonymau5;775507 said:
    Too many people keep assuming that choices make the narrative weak, but it's possible to make a strong narrative with choices that matter.
    I don't think it's impossible, just difficult.

    Don't get me wrong, I hope that Telltale continues working on ideas for more branching and personalized story arcs, I just hope that they remember to have quality over quantity.
  • Me gustaría ver que los personajes hicieran más parecen viejas me duele esto falta esto por dios, mi abuela era una chingona sabía qué hacer en cada momento, si estuviera viva ya hubiera exterminado a los zombies ella si tenía pantalones, y si no se puede que poca imaginación tienen, la mayoría escribió puras tonterías. Me hicieron enojar.
  • Another thing that I'd like to do is do a similar scene of where you're fighting your way through walkers to the roof of Crawford and pushing through to the Marsh House, but with some backup.

    Like, you're trying to run like hell to get where you need to go, but you gotta stay alert and be ready to attack as soon as a walker pops up and tries to go for your neck while also making sure your comrade(s) makes it out with you.
  • there are a few things i want. first of i want to have some of season 2 being in crawford, because i'd really like to see what it was like before shit hit the fan and i would like to see oberson as a character. secondly i want to see some of the game taking place in the winter and thirdly i would like some more group v group dynamics, like prison versus woodbury type stuff, it would have been awessome if we could have talked to the bandits to have them be characters instead of just regular villains, same goes for crawford.
  • I think it'd be incredibly awesome if mid-game the group got caught in the crossfire of a battle between other groups, causing deaths and/or grudges by one/both the other groups.

    I'd also like other people you can't necessarily have in your group but can interact with, similar to Vernon's group, where you can get them to help you against enemies, attack/steal from, trade with, converse with, have friendly relations with or start wars. That'd be one awesome part.

    The game got involved with the water aspect. Have pirates, walkers coming out of the water(that'd be sick), a group come by boat in a panic, live on the waterfront and making runs on land, that sort of stuff.

    A new setting. Get to a new town, a countryside, a new area in general. New state? Even better. Just my opinion.

    Larger group. I liked approximately the group size at episode 1- early 2. Any smaller than that is fine for a time, but more-or-less, it'd be better if you were able to keep more people with you.
  • Group size should be determined by your choices. Your style would play more of a part. Loner-Moral-Survivialist-Groupie-Bandit etc.....
  • Yeah, I'd like that lol
  • GREYxDUZxKRUSH;777161 said:
    Group size should be determined by your choices. Your style would play more of a part. Loner-Moral-Survivialist-Groupie-Bandit etc.....
    This could be the way choice could matter without affecting main story points. At the end of Episode 4 beginning of 5 mass death- car accident/ the herd/ bandits etc.....That way only key cast is alive. So the ending could be written without tying all those survivors to it.
  • Assume an official leadership role over a small band of survivors, somewhat close to Rick's Dictatorship:)
  • Here's something else I'd like to see somebody do in Season 2. ->
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