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Favourite TWD Let's Player and opinions?

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Who is your favourite TWD Let's Player you've seen so far?
I would love to hear your opinions on them too - what you liked and didn't like about their playthroughs.

I'll put it as a poll and include all the LPers I've seen so far (not too many I know), and have an 'other' option for the less popular players. :)

It's not meant to be an LPer hate thread, and any criticisms should be backed up I would hope...

Also if anything I say is not received well, I hope it doesn't stop anyone posting!

PewDiePie - Probably my favourite LPer so far. I thought he did a very nice playthrough especially towards the end. I thought his reactions were very natural and understandable. Not much more to say, it was just enjoyable for me :) Doesn't seem to be many PewDiePie watchers here though, and no, I am definitely not a fanboy. I can promise you that :p

Cry (ChaoticMonki) - The LPer I am very mixed about. Generally he did a great and enjoyable playthrough for most of the game. Unfortunately, I was very let down by the ending. I thought his reaction was... just too much. I know the ending is sad absolutely. But I just couldn't take the absolute rage-out Cry went on when the game ended seriously, nor the readback of every line with that heartbroken tone (even though he probably was). It was very awkward for me, especially not being one of his usual obsessive fans. I believe that he was completely genuine with his reactions and not acting at all, but it was just too much and kind of ruined the experience for me in a weird way. But he did do a very good overall playthrough!

Tobuscus/Toby (TobyTurner) - I'm generally not a follower of Toby, but I've seen one or two things of his when they've popped up here and there. His style is okay, but was weird when applied to TWD. It was interesting to watch it like that though, variety and all :) His -crying- at the end is debatable. I'm still under the impression he wasn't really crying, and if he wasn't that's kind of a slap in the face. But there are plenty who believe it was genuine, and it really could be for all I know! It didn't detract from the enjoyment though.

Nova (UberHaxorNova) - These last two I don't have too much to say on unfortunately. But I liked Nova's commentary even though people say he was being too shouty. I thought it was quite a funny watch for a less serious playthrough :)

Ken (CinnamonToastKen) - Once again another one I quite liked. Haven't seen too much from this guy though.
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  • Pewdiepie, Morfar, and OfflimitsPC
  • Most of the popular Let's Players were annoying. I loved Maximusblack's playthrough of the game:

    -He had a facecam on and it was hilarious.
  • Well, I hate all of the lets players especially (PewDiePie) you mentioned so... I'm gonna go other.

    I like Mackscorner, OfflimitsPC, and that's about it.
  • Hannah from the Yogscast did a pretty good lets play and Matt and Pat of the Switcher (Two best friends play) are doing a pretty good one as well
    I've never heard of any of those on your list...
  • OfflimitsPC, because she was very natural and didn't try to overact like a lot of LPs.

    It also helps that she is very personable and cute!
  • Well... not counting those already mentioned in the poll, my faves are(in no particular order):

    Right... i think that's all. Out of the poll options i watched them all but enjoyed CinnamonToastKen's the best. He really gets into the game, thinking about how his decisions will affect the characters, and i love that.

    The people i tend to like watching are those who get totally immersed in the story, and seem to genuinely care for the characters and the struggles they're going through. I dislike those commentators who focus too much on jokes or trying to get a laugh. While that formula may work, it isn't for me. I watch to see(and hear) the reactions of others to the game, not for comedy or to see different choices, and the above names were great to watch(not that i don't enjoy a joke every now and then, just not excessively).
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    OzzyUK Moderator
  • Just morfar. Everyone else on that list suck.
  • All of those motherfuckers only do it for money and views, AKA more watched ads and more subscribers to get constant dough.
    I'm not sure if PewDiePie qualifies as one of these "muthafuckas" (He has lots of subs and was the first one to get big views with it), but the rest of them do.
    I'm subscribed to Toby and he didn't take anything seriously. Even the faked crying in the end.. That shit brought a tear to my eye.
    I'm not hating on anyone, I'm just pointing that out.
    Just to mention, I find PewDiePie extremely annoying, but he got the first page on many of his videos, so that's how I found it out.
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