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Screen squashed when full-screen

posted by taletotell on - last edited - Viewed by 889 users
Hi, I like to play BTTF with the settings to max. but my graphics card can only handle that if the resolution is 1024x768, however if I run the game at that resolution the screen is squashed (wrong aspect ratio)

I have other games that run at 1024x768 and the image is not squashed.

So I was wondering if anyone has any tips that could help ensure the image is not squashed?

I have an AMD 4650HD graphics card and the latest version of Catalyst Control Centre.

Thanks very much for any help.
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  • Update
    I found a sort of fix: right-click and select Properties on the Shortcut that launches the series, select the Target box, scroll the text to the end and add "-DX9" (without the quotes).

    So mine reads:
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Telltale Games\Back to the Future The Game\autorun.exe" BackToTheFuture100 -DX9

    As far as I know this forces the game to use Direct X 9 and somehow effects how the game runs in fullscreen (maybe a driver issue?).

    For me this changes how a lot of the screen modes display, so instead of a squashed screen you always get a screen in the correct aspect ratio (if sometimes it doesn't fill the screen, depending on resolution).

    So I suppose it's an improvement :-)
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