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Is anyone afraid...

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that the game will become too much like the show? Dan Conners spoke of tying them closer together in the future, and my question is what is your opinion? I wouldn't be too thrilled, for although I like the show, the game was praised so highly was because the story was a TWD story because of the setting and the adding of comic characters, but also because it was an original story that impacted gamers on a new level. I certainly wasn't expecting this game to turn out like this. I expected more of a shooter/horror game, and while their is some there, it is more of the drama aspect, which I have grown to love from TWD, and Telltale has captured immensely, moreso than the show I'd say.

I also liked it because it focused more toward the comics, not the tv series. I prefer the comics, and I think it shows better for the game. Again, my opinion. So I ask you, fans of TWD game, for your opinion!
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  • It was canon to the comics is tied to the comics, but you don't need the comics to understand the story. In the comics, Hershel is a more violent, bitter man who doesn't like people staying at his place. He also cares about his family before anything else. Glenn is also not as badass in the comics, and when he found Rick he was looking for his friends/family
  • I'd love some winks / easter eggs towards the TV show, or maybe even a guest star from the TV show, but it shouldn't affect the story of the game in any way.
    It'd be nice to visit the prison or other set used in the show, in a minimal way.
  • I'd only heard of the WD from the show before i played the game,now i think they should be kept totally apart because the show i think is too unrealistic,and the themes of the game are more in tune with survival rather than being too 'soap opera',i would personally hate any cross over,if that kid Carl met Clem my stomach would turn and would hope Clem puts a slug between his eyes shortly before he turns LMAO
  • I hope they keep it original, they can use ideas from the comics and show like in ep5 where they rubbed themselves in with walker guts, to move past the walkers, and maaayyybe show another 1 or 2 characters from the show or comics, but only if it makes sense, which would be very tough to make. No, I'm not afraid, at least not too much, that they'll tie them too close together, and not afraid at all that they could possibly screw the game up completly, I think whatever they do, and how ever they do it, it will be great.
  • I will put my answer on if TTG should put the show and the game closer in a form of a simple video:
  • I got and played this game because I'm a big Telltale fan and for 400MP it looked worth a gamble
    I really liked it and don't think it would be as good if they began to focus too much on linking this series with the others

    It is best if it focuses on story over It being linked too much to the Comics and show
  • As long as it stays canon, it will be okay. I really would NOT like TV show characters in the game though. o___o
  • I thought you were going to say scorpions, those things scare the shit out of me. :eek:
  • The show universe and comic/game universe are two completely separate entities, and I'd prefer if it stayed that way.
  • As long as they don't put Lori in the game. x)
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