Cant purchase 2-5 BBTF Iphone

Hey everyone,

I searched the board but didn't find this question. I just downloaded it today for Iphone. Now I know it just came out today for the iphone, could be just an issue. But when I go to purchase and click buy now, it says purchasing. Then Unable to complete purchase : a network error occurred. Tried on Wifi and 3G. Internet works fine. Is this just because it just came out on the iphone? Thanks for the help!


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    Same issue here. I downloaded the app to my iPhone 5 today. Perfect wifi and LTE in a few different places and I was given a "Network Error" preventing the purchase of episodes 2-5. Sad day.
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    Hi guys, it took a little while to get the in-game downloads for Episodes 2-5 pushed out. They should be available now.
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    It's not working for me. I paid the $9.99 and once got to 64% or so, but it cuts off quickly most of the time.
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    I am in an area with perfect WiFi.
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    Finally worked, I just tried not to move the iPod. Thanks Telltale!
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    Hi all!
    Yesterday I downloaded the app to my IPad 4, bought the episodes from 2 to 5, the payment has passed, but I can not download them, a message like the image above, 3G works fine, what to do? Thank you!
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