Saved game completely gone?

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I just finished episode 2 last night on my 360. Today I downloaded episode 3 but can't play it, it just takes me to episode 1. And now, I think having opened episode 1 again it has completely deleted my save file. What do I do? I've looked through all the Stickys etc but signing out of my account didn't help and I'm not getting a choice to make "randomized decisions;" it just takes me back to the beginning of episode 1 every time. PLEASE help, I've already spent fifteen dollars on this mess. The game is great but I mean, come on. Help is very appreciated.

By the way, I did quit out of the second episode during the credits and I guess that's where the problems started. That's a very bad system though, to be honest...

Edit: the game also shows that I have all the achievements from eps 1 and 2 unlocked. GAH I don't understand this, please help me someone!


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    Got the exact same problems, tried everything to solve it, nothing works!
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