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Rick Grimes Vs Lee Everett

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Hey Guys! I'm new to The Walking Dead Forums and this is my first Thread:) I hope you all like it:) Anyway, I wanted to know, who is the better Walking Dead Protagonist? In my opinion I believe Lee Everett is the better 'Hero' in The Walking Dead universe. I chose Lee as he's a likable and generally awesome character (Depending on your choices). He's considerate of others and protective over those he cares for. Of course Rick shares the same traits, but I think Lee wins as he maintains his Sanity during his time 'In a World ruled by the Dead'. Rick slowly stumbles out of control and in both the TV and Comic Universe loses his Sanity relatively quickly. However Lee hadn't lost as much as Rick did in such a short time, so it's a difficult choice. And Lee is an original the player gets to develop... What do you guys think?;)
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