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Epic, big budget adventure game based on the Bible?

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I think something like this could be pretty cool. It could do great business.

Have there been any adventure games like this before?
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  • Oh, that day will never come.
    That's like asking that everyone respects eachother.
  • I don't know about the Bible, but I always thought Pilgrim's Progress would make a neat KQ style adventure game.
  • Wouldn't a publication like this anger large Christian organisations all round the world? All have slightly differing versions of each event and are convinced they each are right. I can imagine them to be even worse sticklers for continuity/correct portrayal than Adventure gamers. For the amount of profit the game/s would make, I doubt it would be worth the boycotting and the lawsuits.
  • The more (negative) publicity the game will get, the better it will sell.
    I think it would be hilarious having Christian organisations fighting with eachother.

    But then again, you're probably right. They'll never get through censors and that stuff.
  • OK, let's say you're an adventure game developer, and you want to create a game based on some aspect of the Bible.

    First you have to pick which aspect you want to use. You can't just pick the whole Bible - that's too long. So let's say you've done that.

    Now, do you present the story as written? If so, how is this an adventure game? In an adventure game, you are supposed to make choices and solve puzzles. It's not much fun if you already know what's supposed to happen and how it's going to turn out.

    Do you start writing your own story using the characters from the Bible? Then you really get into a mess, because as others have stated, there will be a huge backlash from folks who disagree with the premise. "Noah would never have left behind the three-headed monkeys!" Also, if you're religious, you have to worry about the Wrath of the Lord, who might claim you're representing your stories as His.

    That's why all the big-budget Bible things are just movies or TV series, where you don't have to make choices, as the storyline is already pretty well set.
  • Sod the adventure game idea, I want a Bible FPS (first person saviour...).
  • Haha, Guns 'n' Moses.
  • I don't even know where to start in on this conversation.

    Jennifer wrote: »
    I think the problem with the games that have been released which are actually based on bible stories isn't that people won't buy them, but that most of them haven't been very good (the Wisdom Tree games come to mind).
    Though I would like for there to be adventure games based on the Bible, this is basically why there won't be any.

    JordyLicht wrote: »
    Haha, Guns 'n' Moses.
    Haha, okay that did make me laugh. :)
  • Here's an excellent, thoughtful article on the subject:

    Look, I just finished watching "Prince of Egypt", and I could really imagine an adventure game being based on some of those and other stories from the Bible.

    If done right, I think such a game could be a sleeper hit. Among all kinds of people, there remains very strong interest in the Bible and Biblical stories.

    I know that such a subject could provoke both the anti-religious and the religious, but that's not really my concern here. The fact remains that, regardless of one's beliefs, it's an important book to western civ, and there are some very memorable, juicy stories in there.

    Mark my words: there will be a hit video game based on the Bible at some point.
  • I dunno man...
    I'm pretty much as atheistic as they come, but I'd still be interested in playing that game. Like you said, there are some juicy stories in there, but it's just a very touchy subject. I don't think any developer would like to burn his hands on this one.
    There's no way to develop a bible-based game without pissing people off. Either it gets too preachy, educational (which drops sales like a bomb), or it'll be some kind of parody. I don't think there's a right way of creating something like this.
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