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Blue screen with sound TWD Win 7 64

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ALT+ENTER after you start game and hear audio changes you to windowed mode. I then saw game menu where i could change resolutions. playing on a hdtv may have been the problem. not that it should be seeing as it is common now.

don't know why this suggestion was so hard to find should be the first step told to everyone.. hats off to the telltale team though. you guys do try hard to respond and fix players issues.
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    DjNDB Moderator
    That's not unusual on PCs connected to TVs. The game chooses a resolution it thinks works best for the systems performance, but TVs don't always support every resolution the graphics card supports.

    You found the correct solution for the issue already, and it should not occur anymore unless you reset your preferences.
  • in my case nvidia and overscan issue with some hdtv. my 73" mitsu has a custom res 1824xwhatever so that caused my res issue and sent my tv into no signal mode (blue screen, not bsod) i alt+tab out of that blue screen. then alt+enter to get game in windowed mode and fixed res in game. i did not hear any game sound during this though. Thought it was a total crash for a bit till i figured wth try alt+tab lol.

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