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Could the villians be?

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I think the villians in season two can be connected somehow with the main baddie.Just like season one.What do you think?:confused:
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  • Uhm, I honestly don't think so. In Season 1 there weren't sub-plots at all, everything was more linear, while Season 2 is very different from this point of view. I think Bosco's gonna have a key role for the main plot, as well as Flint (and perhaps Stinky too?).
  • I think them are Hugh Bliss and bosco is scared about old news.
  • I think the Mariachis are probably a red harring, but I wouldn't be surprised if they (and, yes, I believe there are more than one) were the villian in the end.

    It would give TTGs the excuse of doing a silly boss battle involving saying "Happy birthday!" to various people in order to figure out how trap each one based on their movement. Yeah, it would be an annoying sequence, but a funny one if executed right.

    Other than that, I think we will find out how T-H-E-M is either by the next episode or by the final one.... or never at all, it's difficult to say.
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