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The Walking Dead - DLC

posted by Azure Reloaded on - Viewed by 358 users
I bought the Walking Dead pack months ago now and have still not been able to download a single episode yet.

iOS 6 (latest patch) Having no download resume is really stupid, when I leave my phone on to download (I have to use 3G as I don't have cable) it takes sooooo long and it'll end up saying "connection error" or something and I have to try and start the whole download again.

Thank God I have unlimited data but I mean for people with limited data I can understand how bad this is.

Please for the love of God make these episodes available to download from a website or something (with DRM so you're obviously not getting free eps) or at LEAST make download resume possible in the game.

Even having to change to messages will kill my download and I can't just leave my phone to download an ep for over an hour without replying to messages or answering calls.

It's a fantastic game but it is totally ruined by such a simple oversight... Surely it's not hard to implement download resume?
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