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Bought this game at launch, STILL haven't been able to play it.

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I bought the retail version at launch and was super excited to play it, just like everyone else. Am a huge fan of the graphic novels and TV series. But just like 99% of the people who bought the disc version, this game is unplayable for me. I've followed this forum since then in the hope that they'd offer some help to us, but it's so sad that the best they could do was tell us to fill some forms out proving we bought the game and wait a couple weeks for a code to download the digital versions.

I never did that because I have the 4gb Xbox and I use the space for my Borderlands 2 DLC and BLOPS2 DLC. I still think it's extremely disappointing that I, as a consumer, am being told that this retail disc is useless. I've refrained from saying anything because I know this topic will fade away into obscurity, but c'mon Telltale, DO US A FAVOR and fix this product. It's been over 3 months now and this game is sitting on my desk collecting DUST. I really hope that this purchase does not end up being a complete waste.
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