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Roberta's One Change to Mandel's KQ1 Remake Text?

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Anyone know what it was that Roberta changed of Mandel's KQ1 SCI text? Apparently she left all of Mandel's rewrites/additions, except one. I would be interested to know what she decided wasn't right for the KQ1 remake.

Here's Mandel talking about his KQ1 remake experience in a very informative recent interview with Adventure Gamers:
Josh: Well, there was the KQ1 remake, my first task. My role on the title was officially Producer, but I wanted to see if I could give the game a total text facelift along with the art facelift. Since I had just played through the original, I could see so many instances where the text, which was sparse and straightforward, could illuminate what the graphics (even the newer ones) couldn’t. And I wanted to show the company that, although I was hired as a Junior Producer, I could serve a better purpose by being allowed to be creative. That’s something that Producers are often not given the opportunity to do. One of my first questions, upon meeting Roberta, was if she’d allow me to rewrite the text, and she graciously gave her absolute consent (provided, naturally, that she had total freedom to change or delete any of my text). So I rewrote most of the text and dialogue, changed a couple of puzzles to make them fairer – the Rumplestiltskin one being the most obvious. And except for one line, Roberta (Williams) kept the changes, so I was delighted. Plus we had vertical AND horizontal scrolling.
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  • This is great!! I never knew this. You are the best. I love how you have compiled so much wonderful info. Thanks!
    4. Do you have any uplifting, insightful, or humorous stories about Roberta and/or the making of King's Quest? Towards the end of the making of King's Quest I -SCI, we had re-orchestrated the final scene in which King Edward dies and King Graham assumes the throne. (The original was a little crude in this area: King Edward would fall over and King Graham would step on him as he walked up to the throne.) We used the same throne room as in King's Quest IV, but the Magic Mirror (one of the three treasures you find during the game) was sitting by the throne rather than in its usual place on the wall, where it figured prominently in King's Quest IV. So I wrote this bit where, as King Edward dies, he says, "I think the Magic Mirror would look best over on that wall" and then points to the wall, sighs, and dies. After Roberta played it, she gently asked if we could change that scene, since she didn't think King Edward would be giving interior decorating tips with his dying breath. I was bummed to have to take it out, but the way Roberta asked was pretty funny. Maybe you had to be there.
  • You might want to watch Josh's long (80+ minutes broken into 4 parts) interview on Matt Chat:
  • JuntMonkey wrote: »
    You might want to watch Josh's long (80+ minutes broken into 4 parts) interview on Matt Chat:

    Thank you for sharing. Loved it. Josh Mandel is a phenomenal interview subject. Smart, entertaining, thoughtful, candid and full of anecdotes and interesting details to share. Kudos to Garuka Khalsa and Ken Williams for recruiting such talent. Mandel is an adventure gaming talent whose star will rise even higher in the future, I predict.
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