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  • errr... I can't get her to ask anything. When I click her she says: "Thats all well and good, but if you really want to help me, help me find the perfect man.
  • [SPOILER]There should be 3 pieces of paper in front of her. (on the desk). They are the questions you can pick for her.[/SPOILER]
  • I must be doing something wrong here... I only see unclickable photo's on her desk.
  • Have you taken the monster to see Sybil? She should start asking the questions when you do that.
  • I need to bring the monster alive to get Sybil asking questions so I can get the chocolate heart to bring the monster alive? That might be a problem...
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    You can bring the monster to life with any old thing... He just won't be the perfect man.
  • Woop! Got passed it.. and beat the game :D
    Thank you all for helping!
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