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TWD saves on Steam are really buggy.

posted by JOSEWILLSLAY on - last edited - Viewed by 257 users
First, I played the entire first episode, and when I launched the second it told me that I had saved Doug, when in fact I had saved Carley and it said so in the stats. So what did I do? Rewinded it over again, and once again it says I saved Doug in episode 2.

Now, I played it from the beginning and this time it actually showed in the second episode that I DID save Carley.

Lastly, I continue to play the second episode through and finish about 2 hours later, in which when I shut it down and returned to play tonight, I find out that the episode didn't save and I have to start all over.

If we add this up, 2 hours for the first episode, 15 minutes for the rewind, 2 hours again for the first episode, and 2 hours for the second episode...

That adds up to 6 hours and 15 minutes FOR TWO EPISODES, make that 8 hours if I decide to play episode 2 again. Which I don't feel like doing anymore, I honestly want a refund but this game is so good the developers can keep my money, I just won't be a future customer anymore.
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