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  • Too much of a stretch to make sense. The design of that crown is an exact replica of it's appearance in Army of Darkness- way too close to be a copyright-friendly duplicate. Plus, the description is a very explicit reference to Evil Ash. I don't think we're getting any Penny Arcade characters this time around.

    On a semi-related note, I've shot this 'leak' info around to a number of people/places, and none of them have picked up on it. Usually at least one website bites(typically Kotaku, though they'll post almost anything), but I haven't even gotten a response at all, so I'm guessing this game's existence has already been disclosed to the press ahead of it's announcement and they're all just staying quiet to avoid breaking the press embargo about it. Places have reported on games popping up in the Steam database before announcement in the past, and this one's backed up by a number of TF2 promo items, so the only reason nobody would be saying anything is because Telltale asked them not to.

    In which case, it's unfortunate the 'leak' happened. I hope it hasn't made anyone internal to the companies involved feel bad about what's going on- the news is going to be a big surprise to the majority of the gaming world(and an even bigger one to people that don't follow gaming news) once it's made official, and I know any of us excited enough about the game to do this kind of digging and discussion are going to be the first to preorder once it's up on Steam or Telltale's webstore.

    Sometimes our enthusiasm just makes things a little complicated or confusing for us. It's our own fault.
  • The can of worms has been opened, regardless, and now I have more to speculate on.

    I decided to go back and play the first Poker Night. People complain about there being too little dialogue, but I still love all the animating work put into the body language even as they speak.

    However, a concern did come up to me - if we're looking at five opponents here, I'm not overtly confident there'll be space to watch all five do their thing. I'd assume that Brock Samson (this is an assumption based on the TF2 items, mind) would have similar proportions to the Heavy, and the Heavy sure felt like he took up more of the screen than anyone else. I'm not entirely certain how five people could fit the screen with someone of those proportions being there.

    I wonder if this time we can choose to actually play as one of the (presumed) five and we play poker against the other four, given the logistics of it... and that the TF2 items are not for knocking them out, but for winning when your character decides to buy in with an item (and also conveniently avoids having to show Handsome Jack's unmasked face, if it's him that'll be playing for the Borderlands representative).

    If Telltale pulls off five people on the screen on the table, awesome! For now, though, I'm gonna subscribe to that train of thought.
  • We're operating under the assumption that every character involved is playing, though. I imagine one of them could be the 'announcer' type(my bet would be on Sam), and their associated item might be some sort of preorder bonus instead of winnable in-game.

    Could be wrong, though. If they're including multiplayer, which I know a lot of people have asked for (I personally wouldn't mind it but it's not really the point of the game so its okay to go without), then having five characters makes sense, and we'll likely have something like more dynamic camera angles to show off everyone as the game rolls along.
  • Or, y'know, there could just be a character select.
  • It doesn't even have to be poker that is being played.
  • It doesn't even have to be poker that is being played.

    Fair enough actually is that it could be a different game this time around :/.

    Also about the character select thing, it would be cool if you pick a character that you can start talking to another character and it would work like talking to a character in one of TTG's games.
  • This tweet from Telltale could be relevant to this:
    We're having a key party. Guests will start to arrive 3.25.13. - http://www.thekeyparty.com #whatisthekeyparty pic.twitter.com/Exi0Mtbio7

  • Maybe there arranging a forum key party.
  • This tweet from Telltale could be relevant to this:


    Key Party at The Inventory

    Who gets invited? Who gets murdered?

    Will this be an RPG or just a dumb Point-and-Stick Adventure?

    Find out soon...
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