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Auto saves not good enough

posted by Alwen on - last edited - Viewed by 355 users
After playing a bit of the walking dead on a friend's computer and loving it I recently bought it on my ipad. I paid for all 5 episodes and have been happy so far with everything but the safe feature is driving me mad.

I understand that not having manual saves is something that works ok on consoles and PCs because you're expecting to play for a continued time. In both cases if your called away you can just pause and walk away. You can even tab out on a PC and get on with something else. But this mechanic just isn't fit for purpose on a mobile device like an ipad.

Several times I have lost significant chunks of progress because I've had to come out of the app and it seems temperamental as to whether or not I can simply jump back in at the same point or go back to an auto save. It's made even worse by auto saves tending to be before long chunks of dialogue.

Is there any way this problem can be fixed?

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