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Poker Night at the Inventory - Mac Crash Info

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[UPDATE 3-27-2013]
Steam just posted a client update, now running steam client:
Steam API v012, Updated 3-25-2013, Package Version 1364340477 / 1364340477

This has not resolved the issue, so this leaves me to believe it was the Apple/Mac OS-X update from
10.8.2 --> 10.8.3 released March 14th 2013...

Mr Fist wrote: »
New post comin' up.

"the game suddenly quits before a new hand is dealt. I've tried doing many graphic configurations as I could but nothing works."


Looks like the latest Steam OR maybe OS-X update did in fact do something.

I am experiencing the same exact problem. Happens in the same spot as this post, just after your hand is dealt and the host says, "Tonights steaks will be ten-thousand dollars" within a few milliseconds, BAM closes out with an Apple debug report. However, if you hit SPACEBAR just before that is said, I can cruise around all the goodies, change tables, card deck styles etc, but when clicking back, just as the music is about to kick in BAM.

1) Mac OS-X 10.8.3 Updated 3-16-2013
2) Steam API v012, Updated 3-15-2013, Package Version 1363394288 / 13633954288

* Seems to be after Apple OS-X 10.8.3 update or Steam Update
* Ran Steam Cache checker, returned without error
* Completely removed from Steam Library and double checked local file system, all files gone - Then re-downloaded
* Tried all video resolutions including full screen and windowed
* Changed sound output settings system-wide to use external headphones or bluetooth headphones.

Crash Report:
If I look at the crash report directly or open 'Console' to load a ReportedCrash. there is a lot of debug information.

Crashed Thread: 0 MainThrd Dispatch queue:

Exception Codes: KERN_PROTECTION_FAILURE at 0x0000000000000000

VM Regions Near 0:
__PAGEZERO 0000000000000000-0000000000001000 [ 4K] ---/--- SM=NUL /Users/USER/Library/Application Support/Steam/*/

__TEXT 0000000000001000-0000000000002000 [ 4K] r-x/rwx SM=COW /Users/USER/Library/Application Support/Steam/*/

Thread 0 Crashed:: MainThrd Dispatch queue:

Followed by ~370 lines of debug information. I looked for core files to strings against, but not sure how Apple hacked the Darwin kernel to not allow for `core` file dumps but rather some Apple proprietary binary crash log.

I know it's an older game but it's so awesome. My wife and I love to play together, it's a nice stress reliever.

If anyone at TellTale Games wants my output file in full or whatever is needed, I would be more than happy to send along:)

Thanks for any help!
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  • I just purchased this game and am experiencing the same issue; it boots fine, but as soon as he starts to deal, it crashes... I feel like I just wasted $5. :(
  • Mmhmm. Looks like your Mac version isn't running well, Telltale Games. So please do fix. I pre-purchased Poker Night 2, please PLEASE don't let me waste my money. I would demand a refund if nothing is done about this; thats not a threat, its a fact. XD
  • Greninja wrote: »
    Same. Contacted Telltale support last week and haven't heard anything back.

    Sorry you haven't heard back from TTG Support. I opened a ticket (have a ticket #) 3-26-2013, received a reply from a support rep 4-2-2013 asking a few questions. I did reply the same day, never heard back; resent the reply 4-11-2013, still nothing back.

    My guess is staffing issues and mandates, they may have all hands on deck for the release of Poker 2.

    All that said, Poker 1 was by far the most entertaining poker style game my girl and I have ever played.

    Please TTG, spend some cycles on this.
  • If their staff is all working on Poker 2, that better work well.
    There may be less majority working on Mac, but if you don't care about them, just don't release a Mac version. Seriously.
    But then every Mac user will want this great game. Hm. Didn't care in the first place though.
  • Having the same problem on a new iMac. Very frustrating. Grateful for a fix.
  • Having exact same problem....
  • It's kind of hard to play a game in anticipation for the sequel when the game always crashes.
  • TTG, thanks and well done on Poker Night 2. Now get back and fix the original please, I did pay for it in the first place, when it first came out.
  • Same for me, as a mac user it is one of the most annoying steam failures. until someone from the team notices our poker night dreams are kinda screwed
  • I have the same issue as the rest of you.
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