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Episode Four is bugged to all hell.

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First off, let me than you for this game. The Walking Dead is one of the best gaming experiences of my life. Which is why game breaking bugs like this really harm it. It first started showing when I began episode five and noticed that Ben, who I had saved at the tower, was now nowhere to be seen. It struck me as odd but I brushed it off without much thought.

Then I finished the episode (which was amazing by the way) and is gave me a recap of my decisions. One of them being I apparently dropped Ben at the tower. "Well that's a load of crap" I thought, going back to episode four to rewind to the section where you have that choice, only to find it had only saved up to the section where you first meet Molly.

"Well this is a load of shit" I thought, I'm going to have to replay the chapter from this point just to keep Ben alive, as well as correct any other choices the game failed to save from that point. Then I went to reload episode four, chapter two, only to be presented with a black screen. The game had not crashed, it was just doing bugger all apart from playing a little music and showing me a cursor.

"Well this game's buggy as all hell" I thought, going back to the last chapter of episode three, in the hope that it would lead straight into episode four without the black screen of fail. Only to realize the game had also changed many of my other choices I had previously made during that episode. Not only that, but I was still greeted with a black screen afterward.

"Well this is one giant fucking mess" I thought, as I delete local content and start a re-download in some vain hope it would fix the house of cards that was falling down around me. Only to get the same black screen it showed me before. "Well I can't be bothered with this shit anymore" I thought, as I typed this post. Your game has far to many bugs. I was fine with the awkward animations, the sometimes off sound editing, the graphical glitches, but this is to much. This is game breaking.
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