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BTTF iOS Update

posted by henhowc on - Viewed by 732 users
I purchased BTTF on iOS back when it was 5 separate standalone apps. Today I noticed an update to the episode 1 app along with the following disclaimer:

★★★★PLEASE NOTE the release of this new universal base app will replace Episodes 2-5 apps of Back to the Future: The Game, which will no longer be available for direct download on the App Store. Ownership of these episodes cannot be transferred to the universal app, so if these episodes were not backed up to the iCloud or kept on the device, they can no longer be acquired without purchasing individual episodes or the Episodes 2-5 multi-pack. Ownership of Episode 1 will transfer to ownership of the new universal base app.★★★★

I didn't see any updates for episodes 2-5. Does this mean the older separate apps for episodes 2-5 don't get the noted updates?

* Supports the 16:9 display on iPhone 5
* Overall performance is greatly improved
* Higher resolution assets
* Improved frame rate
* Retina Support
* Approx. 40% smaller download size
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