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Give us an Alternative Ending where Lee lives

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Why is this important to me. If Lee doesn't get bitten, we open season 2 with Clem & Lee sitting on the stump. She is getting older now and truly thinks of Lee as a father to her now. Things are only going to get worse in season 2 but it would be cool to watch the 2 of them rely on each other to get by. I like the idea of those 2 characters continuing to evolve as well as choices being made in the 2nd season that could lead to one, both, or neither of them dying in season 2. Just knowing if I screw up in season 2 it could lead to the demise of Clem or my beloved Lee, would make each moment, each decision, that more intense.
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  • I didn't vote in the poll because I don't like any of the choices. Wish you had included an option for "I like it the way it was" lol.

    Clem already thought of Lee as a father figure, then she sees her real dad zombified. It, I believe, solidified her feelings for Lee as a "fill in" dad. Then she had to (depending on how you play) end him. He doesn't need to be alive to be appreciated or loved.

    They already relied on each other to get by. There's a reason you can go alone, and it's not just if you play "asshole Lee". It's because she was relying on him.

    We already experienced that with Season 1 - Clem CAN die, you just get "re-spawned" so to speak, because her character wasn't supposed to die. And we DID lose Lee. I like that, too. I like that no character is safe.

    His death was beautiful. He mentions having wanted children - he was given the opportunity to be a father. He raised Clem to be however the player wanted to. (We - my hubby and I - raised her to be strong, both having her shoot "us".) He taught her things, and gave her advice.

    Do you really want to see TWD S5 - Clem hits puberty and Lee explains tampons?
  • It would be nice to have a DLC i suppose, where there is a different ending...however, wouldnt it just be a movie? Any gameplay? I mean Lee didnt give a shit about himself when he walked through the streets with a butcher knife with or wothout a glass shard. Do u think he would do that if he wasnt bit? Even if clems life depended on it...idk. I think the reason why he actually found clem at all was the fact that he did get bit and he knew he may as well give it his all since he was bit. It would be interesting to have a second ep 5 where lee didnt get bit and u have to find the strategic ways the group or lee manages to get her back. There is no way to add a DLC based completely on one thing; Lee not getting bit. The only choice that would affect wheter he got bit or not, i suppose, would be that he would get bit if he went for the walkie talkie, but not the cardboard box.
    Ramble Ramble Rample lol
  • Yup... It would be much better than it is now...
  • Can i have an alternate ending where Lee, Clem, Carley, Kenny, Kat and Duck all sail off into the sunset on Kenny's boat? :p
  • I chose an ending where Lee could survive. If they make an ending where Clem or Kenny got bitten instead of Lee... well, we'd have a problem ;)
  • I would rather they don't make one. It would make the ending a 1000X weaker and less memorable.
  • What a biased poll. I like the game fine as it stands. Where's that option?
  • mosfet wrote: »
    What a biased poll. I like the game fine as it stands. Where's that option?

    Agreed. There needs to be a straight up NO option.
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