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Xbox wireless PC game pad on Walking Dead

posted by timblebo on - last edited - Viewed by 908 users
Hi hope you can help,

Using Walking Dead on Steam with Windows 8 - all installed & running fine but if I try & use the Xbox wireless PC game pad get the message "WalkingDead101.exe has stopped working" - tried restarting game with game pad switched on & even reinstalling game with game pad switched on but still doesn't work - all drivers up to date - tried various other fixes I've found on the Steam & Telltale forums but no joy - please help I love the game but really would prefer to use the game pad if possible!

Many thanks
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  • I'm not 100% sure about this, but that seems to be a compatability problem. Telltale games are not yet Windows 8 compatible. A couple of users were only able to play the game without a game pad.
  • Thanks for the info Jordy - put this question on the steam support pages too - amazing that between the millions of windows 8, Steam, Xbox & Walking Dead users (can't imagine how much money is represented there), you're the only person who has anything to say about it! Wish these corporate cash harvesters would keep up to date with their own technology - should have stuck with windows XP!

    Hey-ho. enjoyed the game anyway & when played it with my daughter - her on the keyboard & me on the mouse - it added an extra interactive/cooperative element I suppose haha!
  • Timblebo,
    I have also had this issue with all of the TTG games I own. Sam and Max Season 3, PN and PN2. I see that you have tried everything to get this to work I fixed it by placing the dinput8.dll in the application directory next to the exe.

    I recently went so far as to get the genuine dll from the Windows 7 SP1 disc to make sure there was no way it could have a virus, etc. Below is the zip I made.

    I checked the dinput8.dll files hash against virustotal and it is clean:

    I hashed it using:

    This file is the 32bit Dinput8.dll that shipped with Windows 7 RTM
    When it is placed in the same directory as the EXE in question it will override the system level dll of the same name.

    Somewhere in the TTG engine there is an incompatibility with the Windows 8 version, either their fault or Microsoft's. This fault causes their games to crash when it detects a controller is attached and it tries to use it. The Windows 7 version does not have this problem.

    I am subscribed to this incase you have any issues with this fix. If it doesn't work could you attach the latest "Application Error" log from the Event Viewer (it should be at the top of the event viewer right after the game crashes). I can help you to find where that is if you need.

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