Episode 3 BUG .. (can't talk to BEN or go to boxcar) HELP! -**SPOILERS MAYBE**

I am in Episode 3 on the train (Katjaa and Duck are both dead already)
I am supposed to find a map, cut Clem's hair, and show her how to defend herself
I already talked to Charles and Kenny
When I am on my way to the boxcar where Clem is, I cannot see the pointer, so I can't do anything once I exit the Control bin towards the boxcars.. I cannot talk to Ben or go to Clem..

I am playing this on an XBOX 360 and I was wondering if anyone had similar problems..

I have tried several times and I cannot see the pointer.

PS- Sorry I posted this on the GEneral Disc Section, after posting there I thought here would be a more appropriate place ;)


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    I'm playing on PS3 having downloaded all the episodes from PSN, and I can not progress in Chapter 3.
    The action reticule will not display, so I can neither talk to Ben nor enter the boxcar.
    I've checked walkthroughs on what I need to do, so it's not an issue of not knowing what to do, but rather the game being glitched, so that I can do nothing at all.
    Duck has died. I talked to Chuck about Clementine, and spoke with Kenny. I need to enter the boxcar to get Whiskey and Scissors. I should also be able to speak with Ben as an option. I can walk out of the engine room (where Kenny sits) into the transitional area between the boxcar and engine, but do nothing there. I can return to the engine room, but I automatically reenter without a button prompt. I can go up front to talk with Chuck, but have already exhausted all dialogue options. I've talked with Kenny some, and he won't budge to allow me access to the maps (side note: Why the Hell not?! He's depressed and willing to converse with me, but not allow me to reach over for something. That's just an odd design decision).
    I've angered Kenny at least 3 times over the maps, and I understand I need the Whiskey from the boxcar to move on.
    Also, another issue is the camera angle for inside the engine room initially is out of focus, so the screen is near black. It eventually adjusts after a varying delay.
  • Hello I have this bug too I don't know how to proceed. Please help me here

  • Bump. Just ran into this issue as well. Anyone resolve this issue? Would calling support be able to help?

    SunaBouzu posted: »

    Hello I have this bug too I don't know how to proceed. Please help me here

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