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What will the dialogue sound like? Winners Announced!

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This was a thread floating around before the original Poker Night released: guess and make-up some cool conversations the characters of Poker Night 2 might have. Want the TTG developers to insult your writing skills and laugh at your out-of-character writing? Post right here!

Also, as of April 3rd, the best Community Moderator to ever live, divisionten, is going to be handing out rewards to the best quips which are organized by category. The Best Overall will be rewarded with a copy of Poker Night 2! Any others that are really good for the other categories will be rewarded other Steam games. The deadline's April 15th, so make it snippy!

Remember, you've not only got the poker players, but you also have GLadOS and even the other folks at the Inventory (Moxxi, Max) at the ready. Speaking of GLadOS, let's start off:

GLadOS: This feels like the appropriate setting for a joke. May I?
Brock: Sure.
Ash: Shoot.
Sam: Alright.
Claptrap: You can do ANYTHING, my beautiful queen!
GLadOS: ...yes, well. A group of five poker players stroll into a speakeasy, and then they get hit with neurotoxin, which invades their lungs, and makes them unable to breathe, killing them. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha.
*awkward silence*
Claptrap: ...I don't get it.
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  • Oh my goodness, the idea of Claptrap falling for GLaDOS, that must happen in the game!
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    I'm just going to leave this link to the unlockable PSN premium themes.
  • puzzlebox wrote: »
    I'm just going to leave this link to the unlockable PSN premium themes.

    And I'm just going to leave this request to have those as PC wallpapers please :D
  • Gman5852 wrote: »
    And I'm just going to leave this request to have those as PC wallpapers please :D

    Nah, let 'em have their exclusives, I say.
  • Brock: So, Ash. That uh...that thing...does it...
    Ash: The chainsaw? Are you looking at my chainsaw for a hand?
    Brock: Aw, no. I mean, maybe. It looks...I dunno...It looks cool?
    Ash: I hacked off my demon-seized hand with a kitchen knife and cauterized the stump with brimstone! Then I jury-rigged a Homelite XL to fit my once whole hand so I could keep the living dead at bay...and you think it looks COOL?
    Brock: Come on, man! It's awesome! Who wouldn't think it looks cool?
    Ash: Yeah. It's badass.
    Brock: Groovy.


    Sam: Great bucktoothed babies bouncing on the back of Bigfoot's brother! What a hand!
    Claptrap: Ow, ow, ow! I'm dancing! Please deposit your money into my front receptacle!
    Sam: Keeping a poker face is probably a lot easier when you don't have a face. Or a furry sidekick squealing every time you get an Ace.
    Brock: Yeah, this isn't a really good place for kids and animals. They're better off at home, duct taped together for safekeeping.
    Ash: You have kids?
    Brock: I'm a bodyguard; they're not my kids.
    Ash: Not me, I work alone. Always have, always will.
    Sam: Your nametag says "S-Mart Team Member".
    Claptrap: You're a sidekick then, like me! Go Team Sidek-
    Brock: Knock that off right now.
  • Claptrap: Ace! This calls for some celebratory music! A weemo-way a weemo-way!
    GLaDOS: Little Trashcan Robot, stop singing. You're reminding of an idiot I'd rather not think about.
    Claptrap: Are we talking about a troublesome ex-boyfriend here?
    GLaDOS: I will put you in the incinerator if you don't stop.
    Claptrap: Ooh, so you like it rough! I'll file that away for later, my sweet.
    GLaDOS: I'm serious. There is a rule that says I can execute annoying players.
  • Claptrap in a turret voice: Hello?
    Claptrap in irretating voice(AKA his voice):What was that?
    GLaDOS:Just testing something.
    GLaDOS:So that's how I mute you.
  • Sam: I cant use these cards together.
  • Ohey. So I have a bunch of STEAM games and codes. And I like funny stuff. So here's the deal:

    You make awesome quips, I give out games.


    Between now and April 15, submit your best quips in this thread. I (and maybe some other mods, should they wish to help) will jusdge on creativity and hilarity in the following categories:

    BEST GROUP CHATTER (at least 3 players/dealer, not including Max, Moxxi, or any other non-table characters- alhough they may take part- must be in dialogue)
    BEST PEANUT GALLERY (Any "background" character making a quip to the table. May include talkback from table)
    BEST OVERALL can be someone from the above categories or anything of my choosing that deserves. They will earn a copy of PN2, on me, for the PC. (The rest will earn STEAM games)

    RULES: Submit to this thread by the 15th, 11:59 PM PST.
    Anything above this post qualifies, anything below qualifies too.

    PLease keep in mind that this is IN NO WAY affiliated with Telltale. At All. None. Zip Zero.
    This is me, Shalomet (yes, that is my real name) a volunteer, running this little contest. Mostly to see everyone's creativity and give out a boatload of STEAM games I have sitting in my inventory or have multiple codes for.
  • As for a pickup line one

    Claptrap (Towards Glados): "I'll do a core transfer with you any day"
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