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Ash's voice actor?

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Who voices Ash in the Poker Night 2 trailer? Lots of people are saying it's not Bruce Campbell, but I can sorta hear him. It's been 22 years since Army of Darkness came out, after all; his voice was liable to change.
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  • doom saber wrote: »
    If it is, maybe Telltale can start a kickstarter to have Bruce Campbell voice his character for a later patch.

    Somehow, I don't think Telltale is as worked up about a voice actor as we are.
  • Judging by his reaction, seems like Bruce has been getting this question a lot lately.
  • Well. This blows. Oh, well. I pre-ordered the game and still intend to play it often.
  • If they couldn't get Bruce, they should have scrapped Ash. Sorry to sound harsh, but this is extremely distracting to me, just like with the whole Biff Tannen fiasco.

    Why? Characters switch voice actors all the time. There is no reason to scrap Ash and it was probably too late to scrap it anyway.

    And in the case of Biff Tannen, wasn't that because the original actor didn't want to reprise the role?
  • Ash should've been scrapped. It's going to be really distracting.

    You have to be really careful with cult characters. There is a large pool of people who don't know who they are, a small pool of people who know and don't care as much. and a fair sized pool of people who know and are protective of that character. So, in the end, you're only looking at a small minority of people that will be happy with it immediately. You're then left writing dialogue for a character playing catch-up and trying to win back your audience.

    It can work, but I just don't think Ash is an important enough character to take that risk. My hope for Telltale's sake, is that there WAS some form of agreement with Bruce Campbell that ended up falling through and they had to get someone else.

    It's much like JP:TG; they made something that alienated their cult following of traditional adventure game fans. What was done next? TWD. Similar mechanics but everything around it, as well as all the good points from what they were trying to accomplish, were amped up and they ended up winning over a fair chunk of those fans that, yet again, would have been disappointed.

    It's just my opinion that fighting from behind is not the best practice, personally.
  • Serec wrote: »
    Judging by his reaction, seems like Bruce has been getting this question a lot lately.
    Well, crap. I held out some shred of hope that this could change, especially since the game has been delayed another 3 days or so recently. Although Ash's voice actor still isn't credited on the IMDB page so far, while everyone else is...

    These games are literally all about the dialogue and conversations (you can find any basic poker game online), so it stands to reason that you would want to get the actual VA's and do as good a job as possible. Should have really gone with a different character.

    It's like if they just used a 'SIRI' generic digitized voice instead of Ellen McLain for GLaDOS, would be a massive distraction, a cop-out and Immersion breaker having to listen to this fraud.
  • Don't knock the voicework until you hear it. I do not share the same nostalgia for Evil Dead as some of you do, as I've never seen or heard it - but I've heard others be pleased with what they heard.

    It's too bad Bruce couldn't reprise his role for those that were huge fans of it, but I trust in Telltale's voice director and audio mixing to make everything work out fine. Heck, I remember all the fuss people made over Heavy in PN1, and as a longtime TF2 player I thought he was just fine!
  • Really? He was voiced by his original actor.
  • Really? He was voiced by his original actor.

    That's not my point. My point was that there was a lot of fussing with how Heavy spoke even with his original VA before the game came out, but it all worked out fine.
  • I have to agree here - somebody other than Bruce Campbell being Ash is just plain weird.
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