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[BTTF] Price difference in the App Store for Episodes 2-5 bundle

posted by gunnar.osk on - last edited - Viewed by 409 users

I downloaded and played Back to the Future Episode 1 for iPad from the App Store and loved it. So I decided to buy the rest (Episodes 2-5). To add, there is a "limited time offer" for the bundle of all episodes. Old price was $11.99 and the offer is advertised as $9.99.

So, when I decided to buy the bundle, the price I'm about to be charge is $12.54, not only incorrect, but also higher price than the orginal price as advertised. I have included a screenshot for clarity. I know $2.55 difference doesn't seems like a lot and I agree, but if you advertise a certain price, you should charge for that price.

Few things to add:
  1. If it helps, I'm using the Icelandic App Store and using iPad 2 with the latest iOS update.
  2. I have baught in-app purchases before in other apps, and it has always been charges as advertised.
  3. I didn't just notice it today, this has been like this for a while (at least 2 weeks since I saw it first).

I'm not sure if this problem exist here or with the Apple support, but since Telltale is the company that sets the prices, I want to start by getting a response from you guys.

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