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Telltale's King's Quest license pulled by Activision

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Paul Trowe of Replay says TTG no longer involved with KQ. Sorry for the long excerpt (hope that's ok), but thought everyone here should see this, especially the part at the end. Trowe certainly makes for a good interview subject, and he's definitely passionate about classic-style adventure games.

I would have actually been thrilled if Replay had acquired licenses from Activision. Replay's Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded is looking DAMN good, and at least you know the people over there are actually big fans of the classics!

Read whole thing here:

...Perk up, longtime Sierra fans. Company founders Ken and Roberta Williams have been doing some chatting with their former employee-turned-Larry crusader.

“I want to do a game with Roberta,” Trowe said matter-of-factly. “I emailed Ken and Roberta, [and] Roberta said that she will do another game depending on how the outcome of our first one goes. I will do my absolute fucking very best not only because I would anyway, but because I want Roberta to be proud of us and I want to work with her again.”

A new Roberta Williams game doesn’t automatically mean a new King’s Quest game, unfortunately. Trowe is unsure of Activision’s willingness to hand over the rights to the series. Reports from a couple of years back put those right in the hands of Telltale Games, the California-based studio behind 2012′s critically acclaimed The Walking Dead series. Now Telltale is preparing to turn its attention to a similar episodic treatment of Bill Willingham’s Fables. According to Trowe, Telltale is out of the King’s Quest picture.

“They had [the King's Quest rights], and we were going to license it from them to make the remakes. I wouldn’t do a King’s Quest without Roberta. [Telltale senior VP of publishing] Steve Allison told me that they have the rights but they don’t have the bandwidth.” Allison offered to look into sub-licensing King’s Quest out to Replay, but Trowe hit a dead end when he brought the conversation over to Activision. ”I talked to the guys at Activision and they were like, ‘No, we’re pulling it [from Telltale] because we’re going to do it ourselves.’”

This is the first public mention of Activision’s plans for King’s Quest since the Telltale connection was first revealed in early 2011. We’ve reached out to Activision for comment and will update accordingly when we hear back. Think about the possibilities though. More Leisure Suit Larry, post-release content updates, a planned F2P casino game, and the possibility of an entirely new game from Roberta Williams. It’s like 1987 all over again. Trowe is just as much excited gamer as he is industry professional, but wouldn’t you be too?

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  • Paul Trowe is interestingly apparently very anti-fan games. Particulary The Silver Lining, no idea about the rest though.
    RPS: So also with King’s Quest, they’ve been uncharacteristically generous in allowing fan projects. Have you seen the project the Silver Lining?
    Paul: The Silver Lining wasn’t available for sale…
    RPS: That’s right, yes.
    Paul:And in addition it wasn’t really a King’s Quest. In my opinion they did an injustice to the King’s Quest franchise.
    RPS: That’s interesting, why do you think that?
    Paul: I just don’t think it held true to Roberta’s vision, just like I don’t think the Leisure Suit Larrys that have come out after Al wasn’t involved held true to Al’s vision. And that’s why I refuse to work on a Leisure Suit Larry game if Al wasn’t involved. I refuse to work on a King’s Quest game if Roberta’s not involved.
    RPS: Would Roberta be willing to be involved, she’s been out of the industry for a while hasn’t she?
    Paul: I can’t speak for Roberta, but I can tell you that we’re currently talking to her and Ken.
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    Jennifer Moderator
    That's a tad harsh. It's always a good thing when series creators come on board, but franchises can be continued quite well even after the original creators leave. Curse of Monkey Island continued the Monkey Island franchise quite well without Ron Gilbert and Dave Grossman (since they left LucasArts by that point) and (mostly) without Tim Schafer.

    The Codemasters Leisure Suit Larry games weren't panned because they didn't have Al Lowe's involvement, it was because the developers failed to make them in the spirit of the originals.

    I don't think a great new King's Quest is an impossibility, even without the involvement of Roberta Williams (or even without Jane Jensen, Josh Mandel, or anyone else who ever designed a King's Quest game). Adhering to the spirit of the franchise is the most important thing.
  • BTW, I think King's Quest might be cursed ;).

    Three games cancelled. Now we have to watch for Activision's IVth attempt ("we have plans of our own").

    Which may already be cancelled, LOL.
  • Well folks, it's been a real pleasure -- hope to see you around... this was tons of fun :D

    And thanks Katie, for the invite -- :cool:
  • Secret Fawful;783665 said:
    Should have just fucking come out and said so already, Telltale.

    It's been obvious forever now.
    I agree.

    The KQ curse strikes again...

    snicker, chortle, cough :p...
  • With so many good adventure games out there I'd say adventure fans should move kings Quest as well. It's a great part of our heritage but a lot of people are working hard to bring underfunded adventure games to the table.
  • If that's the future(BTTF, JP, TWD), I don't think I want any part of it.
  • I think even the likes of BttF & JP are part of the past too. The future is WD and beyond. Who knows how many little side projects are going on behind closed doors. I'd imagine prototypes are being made constantly, some of which may turn into future games whereas most won't see the light of day.

    Don't judge them by the corporate words that are said, wait and see what they make.
  • It's the late 1990's all over again.

    Reminds me of Chainsaw Monday.
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