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mouse control switches to gamepad?

posted by Hotaru on - Viewed by 238 users
What's this bug? When ever i try to act with the action points the control goes from mouse wheel control to gamepad in the screen with even a slight motion of mouse to sideways. It renders acting to the threads sooo difficult.

I can't choose the right option like i normally can when in quiet places and don't need to hurry with the mouse. Just use scroll wheel and all options are down of it. But even a slight motion to left or right and it shows an xbos control type dialog and can't select any action of the dial. Wtf?

I can record a fraps video of it but this is seriously hindering my gameplay.

Is there any way to force the gamepad support off? My mouse is not a gamepad and i don't even have a gamepad hooked to my PC.
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