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Willy beamish that old game / monkey island. Will telltale do something with them.

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Anybody remeber willy beamish and monkey island or any of the other million games like them back then?

These old games have to be cheep to get legal rights for tell tale to get a hold of them and make some new games right? Nobody else is doing sutff with them now.

willy beamish was already like a saturday morning cartoon, and since the cartoons now are like animated sitcoms. (AKA ed ed and eddy Hey arnold or what ever those animated Shows about kids in semi real settings)

not really as good as the days of he-man ad ducktales but what ever animated shows about kids such as will beamish are in. Or was in it might of changed who knows those shows remind me of willy beamish.

willy beamish Perfect old game to revive for episode sam and max like format. Who ever has the Willy beamish rights will most likey let it go cheep. it was a great point and click adventure game the 3nd game never got off due to production issues.

dont need to say anythign about Monkey island it's popular enough.
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  • The game is fantastic and I've just discovered it. But I have a big problem with getting through one stage on level 4th: I just can't deal with Chef Childish!! :( Maybe something's wrong with my game, but she's just to quick for Willy to do anything after he walks behind the couloir. I catch the pan and try to throw it somewhere between the pot and the cook, but nothing happens and the cook catches me sooner than I manage to do anything else. What do I do wrong? Should I use the key "operate" or should I throw the pan into Willy's rucksack or in a very specific point of the floor? I don;t know, please help me, I'm becoming depressed because of it :confused:
  • That section is known to be problematic on newer computers. Are you using DOSBOX? I played it not long ago on DOSBOX and it worked fine.
  • Wow. Willy Beamish. I have fond memories of winning that Nintari Championship.
  • Another once-Sierra-owned title. Don't count on it.
  • There's a big difference between a very popular series in a niche audience and a cult hit in a niche audience. Willy is a cult hit. I enjoyed Malcolm the Jester from Kyrandia - I understand it was a cult hit and probably will never see a sequel. I'm OK with that.

    It happens sometimes though - see "Gobliiins 4."
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