Sale of Sam & Max for XBLA?

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Hey guys,

Just wondering if there is going to be a sale of the S&M xbla games.

I know I may sound stingy, but I really like the Telltale games, I have them on PC, and when the sale for The Walking Dead happened last xmas, I started to enjoy the gaming experience on my Xbox.

I already have S&M StW for it actually. I just want BT&S as I want to revisit + the achievement list looks kinda fun!

I could just play the PC version, I know, but, for some odd reason, ever since I've started working at a desk job I feel less inclined to be at my desk+use pc at home, and instead use tablet for surfing + xbox for gaming. (anyone else feel that way?)

Btw I totally noticed how there isn't the third series on there either.

I wouldn't question the 1600msp, it's totally worth it but when you already own it for another platform+completed it, it is hard buy.

It is a shame that there isn't any places that sell XBL codes for this game at cheaper prices (like steam)

p.s. Keep up the great work Telltale!

p.p.p.s. Sorry if this sounds rant-y or unusual, it's my first thread here and it's genuinely been on my mind/


  • puzzleboxpuzzlebox Telltale Alumni
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    We do various sales for various games at various times on various platforms... so all I can say is "maybe"!

    For example, Sam & Max seasons are currently 85% off over on (but that doesn't help you much if you already have the games on PC).

    Just keep an eye out for sales on XBLA - we do have special things going on there from time to time. :)
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