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Can't believe it

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I played the walking Dead a half year ago on my IPAD, I loved it.
But I had major problems downloading new episode. I posted about this here, because I was just so amazed that this download thing didn't have a resume function!!!

And now much much later (like 8 months or so), I start to play bttf, I like it too, but I'm STILL HAVING MAJOR PROBLEMS DOWNLOADING EPISODES....

And back then MANY people had the same download issues and posted about it on telltale's own forums, and now they STILL haven't updated their engine to make it resume downloading... I used to be a programmer, and I just can't wrap my head around this, how hard can it be!!! They made a full custom 3d adventure engine... but they can't make a simple resume function on a download function that people PAID FOR, and which they KNOW to be downloading over wifi on the ipad???... that's just so rediculous, please please, FIX THIS!!!!!
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