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Poker Night 3 - Fantasy Casting Thread

posted by BrianBoyko on - last edited - Viewed by 42K users
Howdy. Just thought there might be some interesting places to mine for characters for Poker Night 3.

For example: Farscape. You could get the licence from Channel 9, it's famous enough to be known, obscure enough that the licence is available. Scorpius, Rygel, & Chiana, I think, would make the best choice of players.

From the Valve stable, I'm thinking Dr. Kleiner.

From Adult Swim/Williams St: Nathan Explosion, Master Shake, Cheryl Tunt (from Archer), BraK.

Miscellaneous: Pearl Forrester or Tom Servo from MST3K, Dark Helmet from Spaceballs... Elvira...

and finally...

Tommy Wiseau. As himself.
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  • Runnhurd;822318 said:
    Hay I know everyone want to talk about who they want to be in poker night 3, yet there is one thing I want them to add in the most.
    MULTIPLY mode so we can play our friends.
    think about it when we choice the play our friends we pick one of the many chars they got on it. so what happens the chars do their auto play talks but we do the cards playing.

    then depending on the background depends how we lose, like the book can eat us like in poker night 2 army of darkness background. or so on.

    doesn't anyone want to be able to play with their friends on this and still play the chars as well?
    As Max said...
    'He's playing computer-poker by himself, he doesn't have friends'
  • From TV: Captain Mal from Firefly or Sterling Archer
    From Video Games: Why not Elizabeth from BioShock Infinite?
    From Comics: Deadpool
    From Movies: Nick Fury from the Avengers (which is also applicable to the comic section)
  • image

    My picks for opponents in Poker Night 3. I think this would be a hysterical group. You've got a diverse assortment pulling from Telltale, Valve, Cartoon Network, and Marvel Comics. We would need the original voice actors of course, and the Robot Chicken nerd would HAVE to be animated in true stop-motion style. Tell me this wouldn't be awesome! Nick could talk about his shady criminal past, Guybrush would accuse the others of being pirates, the nerd would complain about the absence of babes and ridicule the rest of the group's poor cosplay, and Deadpool would make everyone hilariously uncomfortable! Please Telltale, please make it happen!

    EDIT: Oh oh, I really love these previous suggestions: Axe Cop, Tom Servo, Sterling Archer. All great ideas!
  • since MGM hands out characters to the poker night guys like candy..

    I find the dogs playing running casino/poker in that movie to be hilarious. I know it will never happen though would not sell.

  • Oh guys u wrote so much awesome ideas! But I think one seat is waiting for Duke Nukem! Always bet on Duke! He's charismatic, funny, and I want to hear conversations with other interesting characters! :)
    (Also Nelson Tethers would be nice.)
    Best poker games ever BTW!

  • They should have Dance Central 3 characters included. It's a girls Poker Night at the Inventory.

    Harmonix: Dare (dealer and host) MacCoy, Angel, Miss Aubrey
    Disney: Vanellope Von Schweetz, Taffyta Muttonfudge
    Konami: Yuni Berth
    LEGO: Natalie Breez
    SEGA: Ulala

  • This is who I would like to see for part 3

    TellTale - Doc Brown (Back To The Future) or Guybrush (Monkey Island)

    Cartoon Network - Master Shake (Aqua Teen Hunger Force) or Toki Wartooth (Metalocalypse)

    Misc - Joe Bob Briggs (TNT Monstervison) or Tom Servo (MST3K)

    Movie Character - Lone Ranger (Classic) or Freddy Kruger (Nightmare On Elm Street) or Rocky Balboa (Rocky)

    Video Game - Crypto (Destroy All Humans) or Glass Joe (Punch Out)

    Comic - The Thing (Fantastic Four) or Loki (Thor)


  • Time to get back on the bandwagon. Jack Burton from Big Trouble in Little China, Dave Lister from Red Dwarf, Tom Servo from Mystery Science Theater 3000, and John Blacksad from the Blacksad graphic novels.

    Dealer is Cookie Masterson from You Don't Know Jack

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