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Poker Night 3 - Fantasy Casting Thread

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Howdy. Just thought there might be some interesting places to mine for characters for Poker Night 3.

For example: Farscape. You could get the licence from Channel 9, it's famous enough to be known, obscure enough that the licence is available. Scorpius, Rygel, & Chiana, I think, would make the best choice of players.

From the Valve stable, I'm thinking Dr. Kleiner.

From Adult Swim/Williams St: Nathan Explosion, Master Shake, Cheryl Tunt (from Archer), BraK.

Miscellaneous: Pearl Forrester or Tom Servo from MST3K, Dark Helmet from Spaceballs... Elvira...

and finally...

Tommy Wiseau. As himself.
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  • Naw man, those guys are all laughs and no brains.

    Hank would be some Texas charm to the table, and be pretty good at poker too.

    Yeah but they already did Texas hold em in this game.
  • Scnew wrote: »
    Carl would be great, but I feel like either Shake or Meatwad has to be there with him giving her terrible advice to really get him angry.

    Haha true. Maybe more Shake than Meatwad. Hereeeaaaly gets on Carls nerves.
  • How about Tsunade from Naruto? She has her funny moments and is a gambler.
  • I am waiting for TWD zombie, Poopsmith, Chell and Einstein (the dog) Poker Night
    Just think of the dialogue...
  • This would probably be a good way for the player to learn how to distinguish between different types of crickets chirping at the same time.
  • Tsunade would always loose that makes it too easy
  • Einstein,Gromit,K-9 from Dr. Who,Hong-Kong-Phooey
  • Malcolm Reynolds played by Nathan Fillion
    Jack Burton played by Kurt Russel
    Solid Snake
    Steve ( Hey OOOO )
    Christopher Walken
    Grumpy Cat
    Boba Fett
    Data ( Star Trek )
    Handsome Jack *
  • I just got some ideas for Scott Pilgrim (were he a player).

    Bounty Item: Ramona's old Subspace Bag (it exploded at the end of volume 6, Ramona got a new one)

    Unlocks: Power of Love for a Half-Zatoichi reskin, Ramona's bag to replace Scout's exercise bag in TF2. Borderlands 2 unlock could be

    Inventory Reskin: Reskinned to look like the Chaos Theater, Scott turns into Nega-Scott. First player eliminated gets thrown into Subspace, courtesy of Ramona.

    Playstyle: Scott's aware that he's in a video game (similar to how there's lots of fourth wall breaking in Scott Pilgrim) that's also taking place in a cross-dimensional mutliverse, plus he's very headstrong already, so he plays recklessly and generally just bullies the other players with huge bets and re-raises (because he figures it won't matter if he loses, much to the chagrin of his friends).

    Friends (people like Max or Moxxi to hang around): Ramona and Wallace, mostly. Stephen or Kim could also be around, but if it was limited to one extra guest per player, Ramona and/or Wallace are the obvious choice.
  • Let's see what I can offer here...

    Manny Calavera (Grim Fandango)- A classicly iconic character of the point-n-click era with sthe potential for some strong dialogue potential.
    TF2 Unlock: Department of Death Scythe - Demoman
    Cameo: Domino Hurley

    HK-47 (KotoR)- A solidly constructed, hilarious character that would open up a lot of interesting dialogue options through the game. Aggressive and hostile to other players.
    TF2 Unlock: Droid Assassin Rifle - Sniper
    Cameo: Ebon Hawk

    Professor Layton (Professor Layton)- Gentlemen. Scholar. Here to play poker. Layton is one of those interesting, dialogue heavy characters that would adapt great for a game like this.
    TF2 Unlock: Gentleman's Tophat - Spy

    Taronga Leela (Futurama)- One of the stronger characters in the animated scene right now, Leela is very iconic, likable, and has a lot of potential for dialogue between other characters.
    TF2 Unlock: Hero's Hairpiece - Pyro
    Cameo: Zapp Brannigan

    And finally.... the host of tonight's proceedings....
    The Dealer
    Dr. 'Eggman' Robotnik (Sonic the Hedgehog)- The doctor is in. Robotnik is one of those super iconic video game characters that's gotten to the point where it wouldn't be odd for him to appear without his protagonist, and he's not entirely evil enough for him to not be welcome at the inventory. His gadgets and flying cart allow him to scoot in and out of the scene smoothly.
    TF2 Unlock: Maniac's Moustache - Medic (Adds a Robotnik Nose + Moustache)
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