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Would you kill Vernon?

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If in Season 2 you had the choice whether or not to murder Vernon would you do it?

I would as he decided not to tell the group about the horde (indirectly causing Ben, Kenny, Lee's and possibly Christa, Omids and Mollys deaths). He stole the boat, and he was just a d*** in general even considering to kill Lee when they had just met.

But would you kill him or let him live?
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  • I wouldn't kill him...but in the words of Kenny, I'll make that bastard wish the cancer had got him.
  • His group made a cruel decision, and I certainly wasn't happy with Vernon after figuring that he had planned it since Crawford, but I don't picture being driven to go out of my way to kill him.
  • i'd leave him for dead for the walkers,as thats the fate he left the group indirectly in LOL plus he killed my idea of a dream ending of getting away on that boat...BUT he would be a great character to play as,and take charge of his group.
  • It's all down to who I am as of Season 2 if I ever see Vernon and his group again, and I was given a chance to interact with him.

    Had I been Lee within the timeframe between the Kenny and Ben/Kenny and Christa incident and the hotel incident, then I would have given him a beating while telling him exactly what he has done to Lee's group due to his actions. Killing him, to me, would have meant that he wouldn't have to live with the guilt, and thus I would have accomplished nothing.

    But if it's a fresh new character, it was not make any sense to the story, even if the character is meant to be some sort of a psychopath. Why would the new protagonist suddenly detest Vernon the moment they meet, and would be perfectly fine with any one character he or she meets? The new character wasn't in Lee's group, and thus shoudn't know anything and be emotionally affected at all by the boat theft.
  • If Lilly would be with me I would choose: "Shoot him" lol ;)
  • I don't blame Vernon for taking the boat, he was looking out for his own group, but what I don't understand is why he didn't take Clem if Lee chose to agree with his idea. Anyway I wouldn't kill him if I had the chance, but its unforgivable of what he has done.
  • No. I would not kill him. Yes, he stole from our group, but he only did it as a last resort. It's not like he took all of our supplies with him. It's not like he killed or maimed anyone during the raid. Everyone was still in good health. We still had options (leave on foot with bell tower lures, hole up in the train, plenty of other things I'm sure).

    At worst, he set us back to square 1; trying to find a safe place. Of course, I was against the boat idea the moment I heard it, so I wasn't exactly sad to see it go.
  • I would give him to walkers to eat - LOL , like St.Johns brothers
  • Nope I'd let the cancer take care of him.:D
  • FreeFood! wrote: »
    I would give him to walkers to eat - LOL , like St.Johns brothers

    Agree ^^ that was epic, and they deserve it, like a Vernon.
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