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Can't even start it on xbox 360

posted by dontasciime on - last edited - Viewed by 1.1K users
Just keeps saying connecting after pressing start button. Connecting to what. It's single player only.
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  • I've fixed it. For anyone else. If It just keeps looping saying connecting at this point it should actually be asking you which device you want to save your game to.

    Go to your hard drive and select your System Items then find Cloud storage cache and delete it. Hopefully you've already got everything synced that you need.

    This is the warning you'll get
    This will remove the local cache of cloud saves on this device. Items that haven't been synced will be deleted. Your synced items will still be in cloud storage.

    Are you sure you want to delete?

    It will then recreate the cloud local cache [Dunno why it became corrupt]

    This should then allow you to run the game.
  • running into the same issue and attempted your solution but no luck. :(
  • ok my solution. i have an xbox slim and moved the game and profile to the 4 gb internal memory, turned off cloud save, and removed my 250 gb hard drive. it now works.
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