Omaha Hold'em: Must use 2 of 4 Hole Cards

SUPER EDIT: saw similar post, apparently in Omaha Hold 'em, you can only use 2 "hole" cards (your hand) out of the four. Leaving post for others


I'm awful at Poker, and I discovered I had a little better luck with Omaha Hold 'em rather than Texas Hold 'em.

Problem is, it seems that sometimes my hand simply isn't recognized. I also pre-ordered the game for my lady, and watched the same thing happened to her on her computer.

Here's a screencap from minutes ago
There's no subtitles in the screen, but you can see hands have been revealed up by the names, as well as 5 of my cards lift up from the bottom of the screen to indicate a hand.

Sure, a pair of 5s might be crap, but apparently an unrelated Jack and 7 provide me with better odds than the pair that was exclusive to me.

I believe Brock won with a pair of aces, when I had 2 pair.

Am I wrong about the rules of Omaha Hold'em? Did I completely misinterpret something?

Thanks, fun game so far (despite this experience). I might need to switch back to Texas until I get an answer.

(answer is I'm dumb and didn't research anything)


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    From my understanding of the rules of Omaha it only uses 2 out of the 4 of your hole cards to make a hand. So that would be consistent with the screenshot you showed, it picked the 10 to make a pair of 10's and the Jack since it was highest.

    I haven't had a chance to play it myself but someone else posted about this with the information from the Help screen so it might provide more information for you.

    Ninja edit: Good my understand was correct.
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    I edited the title and stickied as I've had a few people ask this question.
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