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Price question download vs DVD

posted by BountyHunter on - Viewed by 722 users
I came on here today because I figured it was time I played this game. So, wanting to play it right now, I decided to go the DOWNLOAD route, which I noticed was all 5 episodes for $24.99.

Just before I hit purchase, I decided to look around some more to see if there was a physical copy I could get instead, as I'm one of those people who likes to have the physical copy to put on my shelf.

Imagine my amazement when I see that I can buy a DVD of the game, all 5 episodes, on a DVD, PLUS I can download them and play while I wait for the disc to arrive for $9.99!!!

Just wondering what's up with that??? Needless to say, I went with that option. Even with S&H, it's still cheaper than the $24.99 option.

Is this a mistake on the website, or what? I'm confused. lol
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