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An Odd Dream

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This thread is mainly for discussion but I just felt like I needed to share this dream, right so it opens in the outskirts of Savannah.

Ben and Kenny are very much alive and well (and I presume the two shadows) and are walking when they spot Christa (who now has a baby bump). She says that Omid is dead, and then they find Clementine who has two samurai swords (oddly just like Michonne).

They all meet up, and also Ben is now a bad-a** with a beard (I honestly have no idea). So yeah just wanted to share that, have you dreamt of TWD and if so when and what happened?

Also what do you think holds in the future, what if my dream is true (somehow). Who knows?
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  • Okay so speaking about odd dreams, this one was just about walkers in general. I was in some sort of odd-house with different cut-off sections belonging to different people. A fridge when opened revealed a corridor belonging to a sniper guy, and some other cut-off section belnang to some other people.

    I was with my mother, my mother opened the fridge and as I was going down the corridor I was shot in the head by the sniper (Later when I talked to him, he thought I was a walker and shot me). Luckily (like Darryl) I survived the sniper shot, and then a whole bunch of people including a few relatives and tons of strangers including the sniper followed us to a field full of walkers.

    I had to climb ledges and hills and get away from them with a small group since the others split up- A lot of people died, but I didn't. That's really all I can remember.
  • Right had a Season 2/400 Days dream. Right here we go.

    So Christa and Omid meet this group and go on this roller-coaster thing, later it switches to Clementine who sees two figures and climbs a tree and takes out a binocular only to find the two figures to be Christa and Omid on the roller-coaster thing headed towards the groups main base.

    Clementine saw an older looking woman with glasses with someone else I think and she jumps down whilst the lady is giving the child tips on how to jump from great distances.

    The child sort of vanishes and the woman sees Clem and talks to her. But then a fat walker falls from the tree named 'Boss' and the woman kills it.

    They then go on a bus and it turns out the driver saps everyones energy or something and they meet some guy who looks a bit like 'Russell' I think.

    But Clementine kills the driver, and they get off and then I can't even remember.

    Odd dream.
  • ^Someone's been eating to much cheese.
  • ^Someone's been eating to much cheese.

    Haha, I did have pizza with double cheese yesterday. xD
  • ... HarjKS you aren't helping your predicament lol. In defense, I'd have said you were drunk or high... >.> I just have to wonder what your mind was thinking to produce such a dream :P
  • Mark$man wrote: »
    ... HarjKS you aren't helping your predicament lol. In defense, I'd have said you were drunk or high... >.> I just have to wonder what your mind was thinking to produce such a dream :P

    Goodness it was such a great dream though! :D
  • I had one too it started off in a courtroom,then I watched as Wright and Edgeworth kept repeatedly shouting objection back and forth at each other.......oh crap,wrong game,nah I'm kidding I knew this was for TWD Game,but seriously though,I haven't had an odd dream like any of these,but I want one,they sound badass!
  • I had a Walking Dead dream that involved talking to a little girl that resembled my younger sister but with a different hairstyle when she was 9... (Clem?!) on what appeared to be a prison bus...

    And the day after I woke up, I've discovered that one of the 400 days involves such a bus...
  • Dream , no its just season 2 spoilers and the mistery is who killed Omid and the solution will be #Teamwhiskers :) Haha anybody know that reference ? (anybody from yesterdays live stream should know ;) )
  • Yeah. #Teamwhiskers was everywhere!!! Or should I say #Teamwhiskey ;)
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