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Why all are hate Larry?

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Someone should stepping up to struggle against Larry's haters.

Like everyone else I was hate Larry after playing first episode but second episode changes my mind!, Would you like to know why? Ok then I'll tell you :D

Did anyone notice how happy he was in the dairy? He was happy and trying to not be an as* in dairy, and it tease me when I thinking about how happy he was and how awful Kenny smash his head

Beside that I've really really really loved his last conversation with Lee

Lee: Guss your new girl friend wasn't all she was cracked up to be.
Larry: What the hell is your problem?
Larry: You refused to give me my day's rations back at the motor lodge
Larry: And you were out of your way to be an as*hole to me tonight
Larry: You must really hate me.
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  • Ehkay wrote: »
    I personally liked Larry.

    On the outside I didn't. On the inside I did.
  • That is how I felt, I hated him but I somewhat liked him in Episode 2, which made the choice of making sure he does not turn all the more harder.
  • I don't hate Larry but I certainly don't like him. I can understand some of his reasons but he comes across as unreasonably dickish. He seems like the obligatory douchebag of the group; a character type I have seen many times. I said it in one of my other posts but I think they went a bit too far with his hatefulness. He started to almost seem like some sort of caricature. I like it that Lee can't become friends with him (because there are people like that irl who just dislike you no matter what) but he's just deliberately being an ass 99% of the time and not just towards Lee! He treats almost everyone like shit. Just... give me a break man. You may hate me all you like but your attitude certainly isn't helping anyone in the group. Not even your daughter you are supposed to be so worried about -_-
  • He's really mean to everyone except Lilly, and most people hate her too.
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    Omid's cat BANNED
    Only a threat at the end of 1st ep. In second just a funny old prick.
    I liked him.

    TTG should make one more DLC - "3 months" (with Larry). :p
  • Omid's cat wrote: »
    "3 months" (with Larry). :p
    I smell a sitcom!
  • The worst kind of sitcom.
  • Virtumonde wrote: »
    He tries to kill you in the drugstore and wants you out of the group and he thinks you are putting everybody in danger because of your past and is also constantly fighting with you and insulting you.
    If he didn't try to kill me in the drugstore i could forgive him

    Anyway... anybody who attempts to kill me has no place in my book.
    Didn't Kenny do something similar in episode 3? Kenny didn't even know about Lee's past but if Lee tries to help Lilly revive Larry Kenny refuses to help Lee when Lee is trapped under a door with 2 or 3 zombies lying on top of him. If Kenny was busy fighting I could accept it but he was free to help but chose to just watch. This is 3 months into his relationship with Lee. Larry had only known Lee for a few hours. If Kenny could be forgiven for that which i'm sure most players have why can't Larry be forgiven for his only attempt to screw Lee over? If Carly isn't in episode 2 that same Larry saves Lee from the walker that is on top of him when he has the axe in the motor inn car park. Larry left Lee for dead once. If you try to revive him in the meat locker Kenny leaves Lee for dead twice, consecutively over 2 episodes and technically a 3rd time in ep 4 when Molly has her confrontation with Lee, if Lee fails in the fight Clem has to shout out so Molly doesn’t smash his head in with Hilda.
  • Personally i'm not a big fan of Larry but I don't think he is as bad as some are making out. I mean if he was such a bastard why did he save Lee in ep2 by killing the zombie with the axe before it could bite Lee? If he wanted Lee dead 3 months after the drugstore incident he would have killed the zombie after it bit Lee so the group would accept him killing Lee after. That is what I did when I wanted to get rid of Ben. I pointed the rifle at the zombie in the bell tower but waited too long to take the shot so it bit Ben and pulled him straight down the shaft and then I told Clem I tried to save Ben, implying that I wasn't quick enough so my actions were understandable and she didn't see me as a monster. Larry could have done the same thing for the same reasons. As far as i'm concerned Larry redeems himself for trying to kill Lee in ep1 by saving him in ep2 if he has the axe and proved he could be trusted to keep the group safe even if he disliked some of the members ( even if he was a jerk).
  • loop hole wrote: »
    Apart from when manslaughter is a factor of course. Killing someone, for instance "suddenly and as a result of great personal distress"( wouldn't necessarily be judged as immoral in a court of law. This case study is a good example; “A dad's son was kidnapped and murdered. The kidnapper was caught and confessed. The dad saw the kidnapper the next day in an interview and in sudden rage, the dad grabbed a revolver from a nearby officer and killed the kidnapper. The dad was charged with voluntary manslaughter." ( I know who and what I thought of when I read that case study. The infamous Lilly road side scene.

    did you actually read what i said?
    also urban dictionary is not a good source for anything but humor, plus in my opinion a fit of rage does not excuse murder or make it moral, it may be less immoral that planning and executing a murder, but that is irrelevant because degrees of murder are about punishment not guilt or morality and there are no courts of law, but murder is murder and murder is wrong, the punishment would just simply be up to the group and what would be most convenient at the time like abandoning someone by the side of the road or tying them up to decide what to do later
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