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Poker night 2 cheats outrageously

posted by CrazyGoNuts on - last edited - Viewed by 29K users
The odds against what the computer is getting is so astronomical I can only assume it is cheating. I lose every showdown no matter what the odds are - as an example, I went up against one of the computers with a hand that had the same high card and a higher low card, such as

Ace - king

and the computer had

ace - 2

and then on the flop there were two 2's. This happened literally 3 times in a row (not aces and twos every time, but we both had the same high card and I had a better low). Then the very next hand one of the cpus went blind all in before the flop and got a royal flush. I have played poker for many years and I've never seen anyone get a royal flush before, getting it blind is ridiculous. I played one tournament where I lost 9 showdowns in a row where my "chances" were over 75% before the flop.

Why would anyone ever want to play a poker game that cheats? What is wrong with you, telltale?
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  • Twice in a row on a showdown with Sam I was totally gypped.

    I had the lead in chips so I'm trying to bully Sam out by getting him to go all in, the game seems to REALLY not like this. I pull a 4 and a 7s and the flop is 4, 7, 3. Sam pulled a 2 and 3. The turn is a 5. Victory is assured right? NOPE! Sam steals the pot a 3 on the river.

    Okay, yeah that's poker, couldn't happen again, no way.

    Very next hand. I pull pocket 9s, and bet big again to get Sam on the run. He goes all in and has trash; 6 and 4. The flop is Q, K, K. Very interesting, but I still win...right? The turn is a 6, but that shouldn't matter. Once again the river comes and ruins my day again with another Q.

    So Sam goes from 10k to 40k in two hands because the grand will of the poker gods seems to be on his side.

    Then I go on to win the tourney with a pair of twos on the turn.

    What is this, I don't even
  • CrazyGoNuts;791362 said:
    I honestly wouldn't even be as mad if GlaDos was explicitly cheating - they could work hat into the dialog, it would be funny. But they don't so its obviously just some garbage in there to make the game harder because they didn't want to code the AI better.
    If the game were cheating, the devs would be honest about it. Otherwise some clever hacker would reverse-engineer the game and prove it's cheating and Telltale would have eggs on their faces. Just like how EA lied about SimCity needing to be always online and they got eggs on their faces when hackers showed a fully functional (or very nearly so) game running entirely offline. Doesn't seem to stop EA's executives from denying it, though. Reminds me of Saeed denying the presence of American tanks in Baghdad, when you could see them from his window.

    I remember accusations of cheating were flying left and right when Poker Night 1 came out too. (Funny how everybody's saying PN1's randomness is reasonable now!) I think part of the problem here is that nobody bothers to post when the game is "cheating" in their favor, or when nothing seems statistically out of the ordinary. Dog bites man, not news. Man bites dog, news! So people sign onto the forum and see all these "man bites dog" posts and get very skewed ideas of who normally bites whom.
  • I don't know about you, but so far I haven't had anything happen to me that was unfair or something. Perhaps you just had bad luck with the RNG or you just suck at poker, no offense?
  • I have to leave my two bits here and claim that you're simply running through a long string of misfortunes.

    It is the nature of poker. Sometimes you start with a 2 and a 5, sometimes with a pair of aces. I did start a round with a pair of aces, and I lost that hand. And there was that time I started with a 2 and a 5 and won with two pair, when everyone else who didn't fold had 10 or higher cards.

    It happens. The reason why you're getting more bad cards than good cards is that there are more numbered cards in a deck than there are face cards.

    It simply happens. I know of situations where I lost a hand with 87% or even higher probability (which is what game says), but many other times I also won despite the seemingly nigh impossible odds. Once I was goaded into a horrible all-in situation whilst having nothing but a high card, and I won the showdown with a straight that completed the string in the river card. And once or twice I won showdowns with a flush, that I had forgot to take into consideration throughout the whole hand.
  • I'm going out on a limb and say that the game isn't intentionally cheating. I think the random number generator is off somewhere.
  • Jake;791003 said:
    It's not cheating. The game has no motivation to cheat! Why would we write cheating code into a game which is only fun when it's authentic? There's no money on the line, only unlocks which we want you to have. No cheating, I promise.

    So, questions/notes: 1) Were you playing Omaha or Texas Hold'em? 2) Start uploading screenshots if you're convinced that you're being cheated, so we can see what's up.
    It's not cheating it is just horrible logic. I like the dialog but I will not be purchasing a future Poker Night because it is not fun to play and the computers logic is screwed.
  • Falanca;791495 said:
    Words of wisdom!
    This is pretty much how I feel, yeah. I have gone from a 95% chance of win to 0% just because of the river. That's poker; it just happens.
  • Kgummy;791600 said:
    I'm going out on a limb and say that the game isn't intentionally cheating. I think the random number generator is off somewhere.
    While it's a possibility that the RNG is bad, it seems unlikely it'd favor or disfavor any particular person. Telltale said that they use a standard deck-shuffling algorithm, which means the entire deck is predetermined before any cards are dealt. Now, if the RNG is bad and, say, the human player always receives the top two cards of that deck, it's possible that there could be some kind of bias in what kind of cards they get, and the cards that fall on the board might be biased away from the cards the player will tend to need.

    If I were Telltale, I'd be writing tests where the AI plays itself (perhaps a fifth AI can substitute for the player so as not to change the number of players) for millions of hands to make sure that the distribution of hands they end up with is fair.

    Still, in all probability, the cards are fair and we're just seeing people getting the short end of the stick from Lady Luck.
  • Except the player doesn't always get the top card. The cards are dealt like in regular Poker, which I believe is clockwise one card at the time starting with the player left from the dealer (the one left from the one who has the big blinds).

    Seriously, I have played numerous times in real life with friends, heck, I've played numerous card games with my friends, like Shithead. I mostly have the luck that two of the three hidden cards are cards that would allow me to instantly finish the round. Heck, I had a streak where I would just win like that, despite various friends shuffling it thoroughly.
  • Adding to what maestropendejo and I were talking about...

    I've started watching and staying in more hands looking for that last-card phenomenon. I haven't been keeping track on paper unfortunately, and it seems pretty late to start now, since I don't know how much longer I'll be playing. Right now I'm down to me and Sam, and GLaDOS talked about putting us both in cryogenic suspension to replay the tournament, then Sam told his 'straddling the line like a Lithuanian lapdancer' joke, I raised and got the dreaded "ample posterior" line, we finished the hand... and GLaDOS made the same cryogenic suspension remark, and Sam told the same lapdancer joke, I raised and got "ample posterior" again. At that, I gave up and turned off the dialogue. I never imagined I would ever, ever in my life turn off Ellen McLain's GLaDOS voice.

    Anyway, I am noticing that if I stay with more hands, I seem to benefit from the magic-last-card effect too. I just won the tournament because I was trying to fulfill the 'steal the blinds' challenge and put Sam all-in with an A and 8 in my hand. Unexpectedly, he called me, and he had a low pair after the flop. But the river was an 8, so I won.

    In the previous couple of tournaments, I stuck with an unpromising hand and ended up with a straight on the last card; I raised big and got a third Jack on the last card, beating someone else's pair of Kings; and a few hands later with a lot of money on the line, I got a flush on the last card.

    It feels like the game rewards bold play and drama. But again, it could just be biased observation, since drama is more noticeable.

    I wish we weren't talking about this in a thread with "cheats" in the topic name, because I don't think the game cheats. It just seems like there are odd things going on with the randomization to make it less than perfectly random at times, in a way that might actually break the player's way as often as it does the AI's way, depending on the player's style.

    Adding: Just played another. I was trying to steal the blinds again but it's down to me and Brock, who of course is too macho to let a big raise go by. I put him all in, and he called with a 2 and a 4 to my A and 10. Third card of the flop is an Ace, the turn is a 10. Hooray! Nope. Brock got a straight on the last card. Even if it really is totally random it just feels so weird for a player to go all in on a 2 and a 4 and then beat 2 pair. On the last card. DRAMA.

    Adding again: I'm finding it CRAZY hard to steal the blinds. I just played a tournament solely trying to steal the blinds and no matter how high I bet, the characters went for it. It ended up with me and Claptrap, who I thought from tips I'd found is supposed to be the most sensible player. I put him all in and he called. I wanted to steal those stupid blinds so I did the quit-and-restart trick to do the hand again. I played that hand five times and he always called no matter what garbage he had in his hand.
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