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Poker night 2 cheats outrageously

posted by CrazyGoNuts on - last edited - Viewed by 29K users
The odds against what the computer is getting is so astronomical I can only assume it is cheating. I lose every showdown no matter what the odds are - as an example, I went up against one of the computers with a hand that had the same high card and a higher low card, such as

Ace - king

and the computer had

ace - 2

and then on the flop there were two 2's. This happened literally 3 times in a row (not aces and twos every time, but we both had the same high card and I had a better low). Then the very next hand one of the cpus went blind all in before the flop and got a royal flush. I have played poker for many years and I've never seen anyone get a royal flush before, getting it blind is ridiculous. I played one tournament where I lost 9 showdowns in a row where my "chances" were over 75% before the flop.

Why would anyone ever want to play a poker game that cheats? What is wrong with you, telltale?
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  • GaryCXJk;791729 said:
    Except the player doesn't always get the top card. The cards are dealt like in regular Poker, which I believe is clockwise one card at the time starting with the player left from the dealer (the one left from the one who has the big blinds).
    Unless you have access to the source code (since your name isn't in red, I highly doubt that!) or have somehow reverse-engineered the game, you don't know that. As a programmer, I know it's quite easy to appear to deal cards in a different order than they were actually dealt.

    Specifically, determining which cards each player starts with is a game logic issue, while animating the dealing of the cards is a user interface issue. It's not uncommon for these two things to be entirely separate.

    Still, my hypothesis was only that -- a hypothesis. For it to work, the RNG has to be bad and the players would have to receive cards in a set order. It doesn't strike me as a likely scenario.
  • Sam and Brock just both got straight flushes on the same hand

    I'm done
  • It does feel like it, but they can't REALLY cheat.

    Whenever I play, I notice that the flop (or I guess GLadOS) always seems to go for straights, and it's usually in no one's favor; and in other times, it's in my favor.

    It's a bit weird when the AI gets JUST the card they need, but it's poker; the AI will get lucky sometimes, and so will you. Just from playing today, sometimes Sam or Ash would get the card they need right at the river, looking totally done for at the flop or turn. But, then again, I did get about 3 or 4 full houses in a row, so random=random.
  • Indeed. There have been times where I was losing at the flop, but then won at the turn or the river, and times that I was winning at the flop, but lost at the turn or river. That's poker, and that's straight out luck.
  • TsengMao;791964 said:
    Sam and Brock just both got straight flushes on the same hand
    Well, if there was four to a straight flush on the board, that wouldn't really be a miraculous occurrence.
  • I bought this game today and I gotta say, I've been playing ALL DAY today and I haven't won a single game. I used to play constantly on my ipod touch and I lost there too, but I also won lot of games. Here it seems like the computer always have the upper hand regardless what you do. Ash always seems to be the problem. I had a showdown where he had only 5% chance of winning, and on the final card.............. he wins. It makes me feel like the computer is cheating as well.
  • Just played four games in a row where the computer got at least the high pair on every single hand. The best hand i had in all that time was pocket sixes, which was a losing hand.
  • furrykef;791984 said:
    Well, if there was four to a straight flush on the board, that wouldn't really be a miraculous occurrence.
    According to probability, it has a roughly one in 16 quattuordecillion (16 followed by 45 zero's) chance, not sure what your definition of "miraculous" is, but...
  • Just played my next hand, ClapTrap goes all in blind, I have pocket Aces, so I call.

    He has 3 & 8 of Hearts, the flop;

    all Hearts

    To quote the bot himself

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