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Poker night 2 cheats outrageously

posted by CrazyGoNuts on - last edited - Viewed by 29.3K users
The odds against what the computer is getting is so astronomical I can only assume it is cheating. I lose every showdown no matter what the odds are - as an example, I went up against one of the computers with a hand that had the same high card and a higher low card, such as

Ace - king

and the computer had

ace - 2

and then on the flop there were two 2's. This happened literally 3 times in a row (not aces and twos every time, but we both had the same high card and I had a better low). Then the very next hand one of the cpus went blind all in before the flop and got a royal flush. I have played poker for many years and I've never seen anyone get a royal flush before, getting it blind is ridiculous. I played one tournament where I lost 9 showdowns in a row where my "chances" were over 75% before the flop.

Why would anyone ever want to play a poker game that cheats? What is wrong with you, telltale?
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  • I don't think the game cheats at all. I have played a LOT of hands now... and sometimes the other guys win outrageously... and then sometimes I do.

    I can immediatly recognize when I'm playing badly or I'm making bad decisions. I start losing and losing. From time to time I get beaten with a kicker that's just above my hand. Well, I recognize that I am somewhat predicting what kind of cards the other guys are playing, and if I have a good chance or winning the hand. I only go all in when I either have a really really good hand or when I have a moderately good hand and I'm sure they're full of crap and bluffing.

    Sometimes it pays to be a cautious player.
  • wellgolly;792111 said:
    Is it possible for some people to consistently be experiencing A.I. issues the rest of us aren't having? Maybe somebody who feels cheated should record an entire game so the rest of us can compare.
    Since I already have a recorder hooked up I would love to try, but this game is completely unplayable on the PS3 at the moment... the auto-save grinds the game down to a screaming halt. Ran into my second locked up PS3 issue yesterday afternoon. No more for me until this game is fixed.
  • First, I don't care what any of you think of me.

    I play hold 'em all the time. I play it with friends, at casino, and I play tons of hold 'em games online. I am also a computer scientist. I'll happily give away my reddit username if you don't believe any of this.

    I heavily suspect something is fishy in this game. The amount of time the other players win on the river is nothing short of staggering. The players either always have the cards they need when cards get flipped, or when all in, win on the river. In fact in the games I've played, I've never seen a win on the turn. Further making me go wtf something is going on here.

    The best guess I have without looking at code is that the cards in the deck are NOT determined at deal time. If this happened at a real poker table people would be calling bullshit all day. You simply don't win on the river 2, 3, and 4 times in a row. You can not bluff and only play if you have the best hand on the flop and the A.I. in my games still wins 100% of the time. Simply because of the magic river.

    I'm asking for my money back as IMO crappy yahoo hold 'em is better than this game, and I hate yahoo hold 'em.

    You obviously can prove nothing without code and numbers in the thousands (law of large numbers), but the game is not fun when anyone who has ever played poker can immediately smell something fishy going on.

    I've said my peace. I just don't know why, if it's true they fudged the game, that they couldn't just randomize the deck truely. Was making the A.I. that difficult for them? I mean, don't make a fricken poker game if you can't make poker A.I. then. Many video games "cheat to win", in order to add artificial difficulty to the game. But this is poker. You can't do that in poker, and if you did, shame on you for making a poker game like this. I only bought this for the characters in it, I didn't know I would be getting the worst poker game I've ever played. Any of you online poker players will know how bad some of the stuff out there is, this takes the cake IMO.

  • Just out of curiosity, to the 5 people that played the original Telltale Texas Hold'em, what was the average luck with the cards there?

    Personally I still am seeing about the right amount of luck I should have with the cards(there are 4 other people so there is a 1/5th chance of me winning right?) and aren't having a problem, but I'm curious how the AI/randomness was felt there.
  • I didn't notice anything unusual about luck in TTTH. I had a pretty easy time beating the AI.
  • Someone come to my house and play my game because I must have a defective product. My game is ash winning on the river with cards that are supposed to be seen less than 1 in a 10000 hands every hand. I wish I could see straight flushes as much as ash does in this game. Please, someone tell me how to get these IRL every other hand so I can be like this game, since it doesn't cheat.... right?
  • Could we have screenshots/footage? I'm not saying I don't believe you, but we really don't know if you are telling the truth or not.
  • Or maybe the game IS cheating. Remember this is Glados who is working the deck..... the cake is a LIE!!
  • I haven't noticed anything like this. I've got 4/5 of the rewards unlocked (can't get that last win with a high card bounty), and am well on my way to the $1,000,000 achievement. I've lost here and there to the computer getting lucky, but I've also won that way too. It feels pretty balanced to me.
  • So if I had anything to complain about when it comes to this game's random number generator, it's how often I fold because I don't appear to have anything after the flop (and there's a high likelihood of someone else having something strong) and then I get exactly what I needed on the turn or the river as I watch the rest of them play out the hand. This happens to me about forty to fifty percent of the time I fold and it's extremely frustrating when combined with the observed tendency for the AI to get what they need a lot of the time. It definitely feels like there's some futzing with the programming to ensure drama and sudden turnarounds, and yet when the player is getting the turn-arounds in their favor... here I am folding before it happens, so often.
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